Death Certificates

The Health Department issues death certificates for all people who die in one of the five boroughs of New York City. The Health Department also fulfills requests to correct death certificates. Requests to order death certificates can take 3-4 weeks to be processed. Note that …

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URL: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/services/death-certificates.page


(2 days ago) The Health Benefits Program is also available to provide service and information to City retirees who have questions about or problems with their health benefits or pension check deductions. Retirees contacting the Health Benefits Program should always include the following information (please print clearly): Name, Address and Telephone Number

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(5 days ago) During the minimum period of credited service required for eligibility under paragraph (1) or (2) above, or at the time of separation from employment with the City or the Department of Education, you were working regularly for twenty (20) or more hours a week and eligible for City health benefits as an employee of the City or the Department of

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(4 days ago) Health Benefits Forms & Downloads. Health Benefits Summary Plan Description (SPD) Health Benefits Application/Change Form (Not for use by NYCAPS Agencies) Health Plan Rate Chart for Retirees. Retiree Change of Address Form. COBRA Form, Notice of Rights and COBRA Rates - March 2021. COBRA Form, Notice of Rights and COBRA Rates - January 2021.

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Conference Posters and Presentations

(6 days ago) Health Disparities Symposium (New York University) New York, New York — October 24, 2018. Kepler KL, Irvine MK, Penrose K, Thomas JA, Robbins RS, Braunstein SL Disparities in mortality and pre-death patterns of HIV care among HIV-positive new yorkers who …

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(5 days ago) WTC Environmental Health Center which all 9/11 survivors deserve.” This was the message that Maggie delivered to members of Congress on behalf of the more than 4,000 patients currently being treated at the WTC Environmental Health Center. She and another patient traveled to Washington, DC in December 2009 to meet with staff from the

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Attitudes About Combination HIV Therapies: The Next

(Just Now) and Dr. Thiede are with Public Health—Seattle and King County, Seattle, Washington; Mr. MacKellar and Dr. Valleroy are with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia; and Dr. Torian is with the New York City Department of Health. Presented in part at the 1999 National HIV Prevention Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, August

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Permits and Licenses

(Just Now) All NYC Health Department permits and licenses that expired after March 13, 2020, remain valid because of the COVID-19 public health emergency. All seasonal permits and licenses for mobile food vending and for seasonal bathing establishments and beaches that …

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COVID-19: Rapid Testing

(3 days ago) COVID-19: Rapid Testing. You can now make an appointment for a free rapid COVID-19 virus test at the Health Department's COVID Express sites throughout the city. Test results are available within 24 hours or less of your visit. This means that most patients will receive their test results on …

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(7 days ago) COMMUNITY HEALTH PROFILES 2018: FLATLANDS AND CANARSIE 3 Note from Oxiris Barbot, Commissioner, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene We are pleased to present the 2018 Community Health Profiles, a look into the health of New York City’s (NYC) 59 diverse community districts. The health of NYC has never been better.

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COVID-19: Latest Data

(4 days ago) Health Inequities in Data: Differences in health outcomes among racial and ethnic groups are due to long-term structural racism, not biological or personal traits. Structural racism — centuries of racist policies and discriminatory practices across institutions, including government agencies, and society — prevents communities of color from

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Food Establishment Inspections

(1 days ago) The Health Department conducts unannounced inspections of restaurants at least once a year. Inspectors check that restaurants comply with food safety rules. Violations of food safety rules carry point values, and a restaurant’s score corresponds to a letter grade. The lower the score, the better the grade.

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The Inspection Process

(1 days ago) The Inspection Process. Every restaurant in New York City is scheduled for an unannounced inspection at least once a year. During the inspection, an inspector checks for compliance with city and state food safety regulations and marks points for any condition that violates these rules. If you receive a Summons from the Health Department, visit

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(7 days ago) Choosing a Health Plan. Contact all the plans in which you are interested for benefits packages and provider directories. To select a health plan that best meets your needs, you should consider at least four factors: Coverage - The services covered by the plans differ. For example, some provide preventive services while others do not cover them

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COVID-19: Symptoms and Care

(9 days ago) Call your health care provider if you have COVID-19 symptoms, especially if you are an older adult, pregnant or have health conditions that put you at increased risk for severe illness.. Call, text, use telemedicine or use your patient portal to contact your health care provider.

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(3 days ago) Rate Chart for Employees: Health Plan Rate Chart for Employees - March 2021. Health Plan Rate Chart for Employees - July 2020. There are no new January 2021 Health Plan rates at …

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Poison Prevention Community Education Programs

(1 days ago) Poison Prevention: Community Education Programs. Community-based organizations, as well as individuals, can request copies of free multilingual poison prevention and medicine safety materials. To submit an order, download and complete the Material Order Form (PDF). Email the completed form to [email protected]health.nyc.gov.

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Community Health Center Power Outage Exercise Plan (ExPlan)

(3 days ago) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), overseeing the Community Health Center program, requires community health centers to submit an Annual Emergency Preparedness Report (Form 10). In this report community health centers are asked about the frequency of their planned drills, with an emphasis on an annual drill.

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Health Department Appoints Its First Ever Chief Medical

(8 days ago) February 16, 2021 — The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has appointed Dr. Michelle Morse to serve as the agency’s Chief Medical Officer, the first in the agency’s history. As the agency’s inaugural Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Morse will have the responsibility of leading the agency’s work in bridging public health and health

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Healthcare Training

(2 days ago) The Citywide Nurse Residency program is being offered in partnership with the Greater New York Hospital Association, NYU Langone Health, and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to implement residency programs for staff at 24 participating hospitals and is the nation's first City-led nurse residency.

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Health Bulletins

(1 days ago) For bulletins from before 2018, or to search by keyword, visit the Health Bulletin Archives.. To request a printed copy of any Health Bulletin, call 311. About Health Bulletins. Since 2002, Health Bulletins have provided simple and clear information about important health

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Health of Older Adults

(Just Now) The Health Department, together with many partners and City agencies, is committed to making New York a city that supports healthy aging for all individuals in all communities. We hope the data in this report support work across the city to fill unmet needs, reduce disparities and create a healthier city

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Woodside and COMMUNITY DISTRICT QUEENS 2 Sunnyside

(6 days ago) COMMUNITY HEALTH PROFILES 2018: WOODSIDE AND SUNNYSIDE 3 Note from Oxiris Barbot, Commissioner, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene We are pleased to present the 2018 Community Health Profiles, a look into the health of New York City’s (NYC) 59 diverse community districts. The health of NYC has never been better.

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Manhattan Community District 10: CENTRAL HARLEM

(7 days ago) Health is rooted in the circumstances of our daily lives and the environments in which we are born, grow, play, work, love and age. Understanding how community conditions affect our physical and mental health is the first step toward building a healthier New York City.

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Health and Fitness Text Amendment: Overview

(2 days ago) The Health and Fitness Text Amendment eliminates the special permit that is currently required for gyms, spas, and licensed massage therapy – referred to as Physical Culture or Health Establishments in the Zoning Resolution. The proposed changes could apply to a range of health and fitness businesses such as gyms, martial arts studios, indoor

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Food Protection Classroom

(4 days ago) The Health Academy now provides the 5-day food protection course and final exam in a virtual classroom setting. Cost: $114. Frequency and Duration: The course is 15 hours long and is given over five days and each daily session is three hours long. It will usually start on Monday and end on Friday. When Monday is a City holiday, classes begin on

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2021 Application for Free Health Bucks

(8 days ago) Health Bucks distribution should follow current public health and safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Due to the quickly changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are not required to conduct in-person nutrition and health education activities as part of their Health

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Health Benefits Program Employees For Domestic Partner

(4 days ago) Furthermore, I agree that my periodic health plan deductions, if any, will be made on a pre-tax basis pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code 125. I understand that I have an option to decline this benefit, by obtaining a Medical Spending Conversion Form, both of which are obtainable at my payroll office.

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2021 NYC Community Health Survey

(4 days ago) The New York City Community Health Survey wil ask you questions about your health and health practices including the impact of the COVID-19 public health emergency. Your participation is voluntary. You can skip any question or stop the survey at any time. However, answering all of the questions will help the New York City

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Health Disparities among Asian New Yorkers

(6 days ago) health behaviors, and health outcomes among different Asian groups may vary substantially. Despite these differences, Asians are frequently viewed and reported on as a homogeneous, monolithic group. Due to limitations in data collection, disparities among Asian ancestry groups are often understudied, preventing us from recognizing

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Office of Labor Relations

(1 days ago) health coverage for a period of 18 months to 36 months depending on the reason for COBRA eligibility. The State of New York enacted legislation intended to provide continued access to group health insurance for all persons eligible for COBRA or state continuation (“mini-COBRA”) coverage up to a total of 36 months of coverage.

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ARTICLE 3 GENERAL PROVISIONS §3.01 General powers of the

(7 days ago) Proceedings at the Health Tribunal at OATH and the Environmental Control Board. Where the Department seeks a fine or monetary penalty for a violation of this Code or any other State or local law or regulation enforced by the Department, it shall bring a proceeding at either the Health Tribunal at OATH or at the Environmental Control Board,

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New York City Office of Labor Relations Health Benefits

(7 days ago) Health Benefits Program . nyc.gov/olr. Medicare Part B IRMAA Reimbursement Form . The City of New York Health Benefits Program reimburses Medicare- eligible retirees and their Medicare -eligible dependents for any Medicare Part B income -realted monthyl adujstment amount (IRMAA) premui ms (excul dni g any penatleis or surcharges) padi dunirg

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Mental Health in New York City Impact of COVID-19 on

(Just Now) Mental Health emergency department (ED) data is extracted from syndromic surveillance data from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Bureau of Communicable Diseases. Syndromic data consists of information from 97% of the ED visits made to New York City hospitals. The dataset contains patient-level ED visit

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New Data on COVID-19 and Mental Health in New York City

(8 days ago) September 22, 2020 — The Health Department today released a new report on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health in New York City. Health Opinion Polls conducted in April and May found New Yorkers are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression, and parents report the emotional or behavioral health of children has been negatively affected by

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Letter Grading for Restaurants

(9 days ago) Mail: NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Bureau of Food Safety and Community Sanitation. 125 Worth Street, CN-59A. New York, NY 10013-4006. Email: [email protected]health.nyc.gov. Fax: (347) 396-8046. Your replacement grade card will be sent by certified mail to your establishment.

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New York City Announces New Mental Health Teams to Respond

(9 days ago) For the first time in the city’s history, mental health and medical experts will be the default response to 911 mental health calls in two high-need communities. NEW YORK—For the first time in the city’s history, Mayor de Blasio today announced that new Mental Health Teams of …

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