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How to Strengthen Your Immune System: 5 Things to Know

(4 days ago) Certain foods build your immune system. Besides just fiber, which is very beneficial for gut health, Levitt lists foods rich in probiotics like kimchi, yogurt, sauerkraut, miso, and tempeh. To get more essential zinc, Levitt recommends oysters or any type of shellfish, as well as pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, spinach, dark chocolate, and walnuts.

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New Research Shows How Running Improves Your Brain Function

(9 days ago) It supports neuron survival and health, while promoting overall neural health and cognition. Irisin is a hormone secreted from muscles during exercise that also promotes neural health and cognition. But exactly how these proteins and hormones …

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5 Desk Health Tips to Implement While Working From Home

(7 days ago) Here are some desk health strategies that can make a big difference: Get aligned with a DIY ergonomic desk. A recent ergonomic assessment conducted at the University of Cincinnati found that a large percentage of respondents were working in ill-aligned work stations. Over 40 percent had chairs at the wrong height, 18 percent had chairs with

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Here's Proof Plus-Size Bodies Can Be Healthy

(1 days ago) This past year, there has been much debate in the media regarding plus-size women and the health of their bodies. In December of 2015, a study was released which suggested a linkage between ads depicting plus-size women and “unhealthy behavior.” When plus size model Ashley Graham was featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, former bathing suit mega-babe …

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21 Women Who Are Changing The World Through Running

(6 days ago) Désir, who also founded the running group Harlem Run in 2013, is a blogger for Women’s Running and writes openly about the importance of community and mental-health awareness. These themes resonate in her coverage of Run 4 All Women’s growth as she interviews the group’s American ambassadors and those who have adapted the program overseas.

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Oiselle Athletes And Influencers Onstage At "Runway Slam"

(6 days ago) Professional athletes and running influencers alike took to the runway in Seattle on January 13 to present Oiselle's spring 2018 collection. January 15, 2018 Oiselle. Email Icon. Join Women's Running. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. Join for free.

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Exercise And Brain Health: Brain Benefits of Running

(1 days ago) In other words, experts can’t yet see the entire pathway from running to better brain health. But, study by study, they’re mapping out the key neurobiological bricks that build it. Section divider Reaping Cerebral Rewards. For many runners, the route leads to better mental health and psychological functioning.

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Bone Health in Female Ultrarunners Focus of New Study

(2 days ago) According to Dr. Kraus, the study, which is funded by the Western States Research Foundation, aims to enhance the understanding of the ultra-endurance population, both males and females, specifically with regard to history of bone stress injuries and injury history by looking at baseline bone mineral density and bone health and values. Distance

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The Secret To Prioritizing Health In Your Busy Lifestyle

(9 days ago) Laurie A. Watkins, author of Go from Stressed to Strong: Health & Fitness Advice from High Achievers, knows a thing or two about battling a busy schedule to make time for her health.Working on two presidential campaigns and at the Pentagon was taxing—and in her book she tells how she went from sleeping five hours per night to doing pullups and eating clean.

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The COVID-19 Vaccine and Mental Health What You Should Know

(1 days ago) Madison works in the Stress and Health Lab at the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research at OSU. And her advisor, Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, an expert in psychoneuroimmunology, has been studying how mental health impacts the immune system for more than 30 years.

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Doctors Give Advice on Running After COVID-19 Diagnosis

(9 days ago) The guidelines for recreational athletes vary slightly based on the types of symptoms the individual may have had (pulmonary, cardiac, musculoskeletal, etc.), but in general, they recommend returning to running after COVID-19 using the 50/30/20/10 rule. In your first week back, reduce your normal training load by 50 percent.

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What is Body Composition

(3 days ago) To get a more detailed picture of health, experts turn to body composition—meaning a breakdown of that total body weight into the various elements contained within. “How we feel and perform, especially long-term, are ultimately more important than a number on a scale,” Wetter says.

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During COVID-19, Tele-Health Services Boom

(8 days ago) While tele-health was always an option at WellSport, they’ve ramped up since COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, and now offer telemedicine sessions free for patients over 60 years old. “Tele-health works best for continuing care,” Brown says. “Nothing replaces hands-on for assessing acute injury, or for that initial visit.

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Are Mushrooms Good for You

(8 days ago) Include these versatile, flavorful fungi in your diet and your health could spring up overnight. October 7, 2020 Bethany Mavis. Email Icon. Join Women's Running. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. Join for free. Already have an account?

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“Their Mental Health Takes a Hit Every Time”: Measuring

(7 days ago) 1 day ago · And the effect on mental health can be severe. Racial discrimination has been linked to anxiety and suicidality, as well as physical and behavioral health concerns such as cardiovascular problems and poor sleep, says Dr. Alisia (Giac-Thao) Tran, a psychologist who has studied how discrimination affects mental health. Tran is an associate

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Prebiotics: What are Prebiotics

(8 days ago) When considering general dietary fiber, the recommendations are to consume between 25-38 grams per day as a minimum, though health benefits often increase beyond this range. For prebiotic fiber specifically, research shows that 5-20 grams per day stimulates the growth of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli in the gut.

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Diet Goals: 3 Factors That Will Make or Break Them

(5 days ago) Chasing better fitness or a better diet or better health is fruitless if you don’t incorporate better sleep habits as well. Swapping sleep for time in the gym, in the kitchen, or practicing wellness is like trying to get rich by stepping over $100 bills to pick up all the pennies. It’s a futile pursuit.

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5 Signs You Might Not Be Eating Enough to Train Properly

(5 days ago) And according to the Hormone Health Network, high levels of cortisol can cause changes to your sex drive and menstrual cycle and might even be linked to anxiety and depression. If you’re not eating enough food, it’s also likely that you have some sort of micronutrient deficiency.

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Walking Just 30 Minutes a Day Has Tons of Health Benefits

(6 days ago) Cardio, of course, is great for your heart and your cardiovascular health, but there are a few more benefits in going on a short walk every day—especially for runners. Benefits of Walking 30 Minutes a Day Improved Circulation “Walking helps to improve circulation by …

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Health Effects of Air Pollution (A Guide to Pollution and

(8 days ago) Pollution can undo some of the benefits of exercise, like reducing cardiovascular health as the European Heart Journal study found. Beyond that, some studies (like one cited by Oiselle Volee team member Taisa Kushner, Ph.D., in this very informative Twitter thread) show that the benefits aerobic exercise can have on brain health and function

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These Chickpea Cookies Will Help Fuel Your Muscles

(2 days ago) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray cupcake pans to use 24 slots or you can use liners. In a food processor, add chickpeas, dates, almond milk, applesauce, almond butter, flaxseeds mixed with water, vanilla extract and baking powder. Purée till smooth and creamy. Make sure dates are fully puréed.

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Nutrition For Runners: 6 Nutrients Women Should Pay

(7 days ago) Fiber is a key nutrient in maintaining gut health. The general fiber recommendation is 20–35 grams per day. Adequate fiber intake is correlated with better blood glucose levels, lower LDL cholesterol, and fewer GI complaints. Good sources include apples, broccoli, and lentils.

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Foods That Reduce Stress and Anxiety

(4 days ago) (The World Health Organization recommends 400 grams per day, which comes out to slightly more than 14 ounces.) The importance of fruits and vegetables in a healthy diet are well-known: The foods that come from the earth are some of the best for lowering blood pressure, improving heart health, and steadying blood sugar levels.

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Pineapple Benefits for Runners

(3 days ago) Coconut is good for brain health. Tyler Jean, a nutrition specialist who works with the Human Performance group at Under Armour, calls these “functional foods” and includes pineapple in that list because it contains bromelain, which researchers have discovered aids in soft tissue injuries, helps the body heal wounds, and stimulates circulation.

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8 Health Benefits of Beer That Runners Can Appreciate

(5 days ago) Gut health is important for runners to reduce GI distress, improve sleep, and boost immune function. Beer builds strong bones. Although this likely needs further study, research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that consuming at least on glass of wine or beer per day increased hip and spine bone mineral density in

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5 Courageous Women Who Are Running Down Mental Health

(8 days ago) Sasha Wolff is rallying a community of runners who have mental health challenges to support each other. In 2011, running activist Sasha Wolff was released from an in-patient mental health hospital to treat her depression, and as part of her recovery, she took up running. It immediately made her feel better, she says.

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A New Way to Think About Body Image

(2 days ago) The “health at every size” paradigm fundamentally challenges what many of us have been brainwashed by mainstream media to believe. Embracing this new way of thinking helps us remove our judgement of others based on body shape and size. It can be extremely liberating to abandon the assumption that health looks one way. As it turns out

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Feeling Nauseous Post-Workout

(3 days ago) Nutrient timing is a very important part of optimal GI health, especially during exercise. During a run, our blood is diverted away from the stomach, where it usually goes for digestion. Instead, the blood flows to the working muscles, so any food that’s already in …

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Why Health And Weight Is More Complicated Than BMI

(1 days ago) The idea that this tool is an accurate indicator of physical health and wellness is fallible. Dr. Affuso would beg to differ. She and other members of her team propose something different, and something that makes sense to me, a fat runner. What she proposes is developing and refining new ways to assess someone’s health, coupled with

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The Rise of Alcohol and Exercise: Will Run for Booze

(7 days ago) According to Dr. George F. Koob, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, for “people who are exhausted from running, mildly dehydrated, and have empty stomachs, one serving of alcohol could be much riskier than it seems”—especially if driving home after an event. Even if booze is an integral part of your racing

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Flexible Half Marathon Training Plan (Run 3, 4, 5, or 6

(1 days ago) Whether you prefer to run three days a week or up to six, you'll be ready to toe the line in 12 weeks. April 7, 2021 Christine Hinton. Email Icon. Join Women's Running. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. Join for free.

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Running for Depression: Running Leads to Mental Health

(5 days ago) My mental health transformation. In my 20s I was a mess. I didn’t work hard. I took things for granted, made bad decisions, ruined relationships, had no resilience or mental strength. I hated myself. The way I treated my mind and body reflected that. In April 2011, I checked into a mental health hospital to treat my depression and anxiety.

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How to Sleep Better All-Day Habits For Better Sleep

(8 days ago) It’s so important that you can now set up your sleep schedule in Apple Health and lock in your alarm in the Clock app. Rise and shine—literally. “Get exposure to natural light first thing in the morning,” says Atwood. A study published in the journal Sleep Health found that workers who sought out light first thing slept better at night.

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Trail Film Festival Goes Virtual

(3 days ago) This Friday, May 1, at 5:30pm PST, Rainshadow Running’s Trail Running Film Festival is showing a live-stream, two-hour virtual edition. In years past, the festival has taken place over three days in Seattle, Washington, followed by a select reel of films touring theaters across the country. For a $10 fee (part of which will go to the YWCA

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Tianna Bartoletta on Simone Biles, Elite Athletes, and

(4 days ago) After the team competition—where Team USA won silver—Biles got emotional as she explained her decision. “I have to focus on my mental health and not jeopardize my health and well-being,” Biles told reporters. It’s a sentiment Bartoletta, 35, understands all too well. After the 2017 world championships in London, where she won bronze

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A Holiday Gift Guide For Runners In The

(5 days ago) Health; Training; Gear. A Holiday Gift Guide For Runners In The Northwest. We reached out to runners across the USA for holiday gift ideas. Whether snow or sun rules your winter, our regional lists have it all! Share this. Join Women's Running. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites.

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Amy Cragg Withdraws From 2020 Olympic Trials

(3 days ago) Amy Cragg, who won the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials, announced on Thursday that she will not compete on February 29 for a spot on the 2020 U.S. Olympic marathon team, due to illness. It was a heartbreaking decision for Cragg, a member of the Bowerman Track Club, to make alongside her support team, but since 2018 she said she’s struggled with health concerns that were difficult to …

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