What Is A Medical Food

What Is A Medical Food? The U.S. Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) defines a medical food in the Orphan Drug Act. Medical foods are supplemental and designed to assist by dietary management the specific symptoms of a disease. The food is to be administered under the supervision of a doctor. Medical foods may be used with a physician’s

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Health Benefits Of Gardening For Seniors

(Just Now) Some may view gardening as a hobby or activity that is simply done for the aesthetic or physical purposes but you may be surprised to know that there are many other health and therapeutic garden benefits that are associated with gardening as well.. Enjoy this guest post by Sam Choan of Organic Lesson as the health benefits of gardening for seniors is explored.

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(8 days ago) I have been a connoisseur of sorts of since its' launch on October 1st. In the interim, the President has issued an apology due to the lack of functionality, the glitches and down time

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SilverSneakers: Free Health Club Membership For Medicare

(Just Now) Silver Sneakers is a program which promotes health and fitness for older adults beginning at age 65. The program is offered through a partnership between Healthways and insurance providers with the emphasis on long term health and fitness. Silver Sneakers provides a free basic membership in a local participating health

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Patient Passports and EHR's

(7 days ago) Many hospitals and health care organizations have or are creating their own version of the patient passport to share information across multiple organizations or approved family members or patient representatives. Difference Between An EMR and EHR. In many ways the electronic medical record (EMR) is the precursor to the electronic health record

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Is Dr. Google Right

(6 days ago) Google, online symptoms checkers, health apps and online doctor consults are just a few of the current methods data is used to assist a patient, but as always researchers should be cautious in analyzing medical conditions online versus a doctors’ visit. Health Articles. My Top Three Sunscreens. Silver Sneakers Free Health Club Membership

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Sundowning and UTI's

(4 days ago) Common symptoms of sundowning or sundowners syndrome include: confusion, agitation, anxiety, aggressive behavior, restless behavior, inability to sleep, pacing, combative behavior.. This presents a duo fold problem as a patient needs monitoring and attentive care during sundowner episodes; the sundowning tends to occur at the end of the day for the caregiver when the caregiver is the most tired.

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Low Oxalate Recipes And Low Oxalate Menu Ideas

(Just Now) The medical professionals may not agree upon the definitive ‘list’ of low oxalate foods, but do agree that a low oxalate diet should limit oxalate ideally to 40-50 mg per day and on the higher end below 100 mg of oxalate per day. The oxalate measurement for one cup of raw spinach averages 650 mg for one cup!

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Two Pneumonia Vaccines Recommended For Seniors

(7 days ago) The CDC recommends Prevnar 13 for adults 65 years and older, children younger than five years old and people with comprised health due to specific conditions or risk factors. What is Pneumovax 23? This vaccine is commonly known as the pneumovax 23, pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine or PPSV23.

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VA Home Health Aide Program

(9 days ago) The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers the VA home health aide program to assist Veterans with non medical aspects of daily living including ADL’s such as bathing, getting dressed, assisting with meals and meal preparation. Home health aides are not trained as nurses or medical personnel but can be a vital part of the home care team.

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14 Diabetic Friendly Low Oxalate Recipes

(2 days ago) Defining Oxalate Content In Foods. For this round up of diabetic friendly low oxalate recipes the Harvard School Of Public Health Oxalate Content list is the source to define the oxalate content in foods. Dr. Fred Coe and Jill Harris at The University of Chicago provide an updated Harvard List along with a wealth of resources on the University of Chicago website to promote a healthy living and

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Is Long Term Care Insurance Necessary

(3 days ago) A very interesting article on the economics of Long Term Health Insurance was written by Lewis Mandell of the PBS Newshour. Mr. Mandell explores the specifics of the long term care insurance costs versus the costs one might encounter for extended care. Scenarios differ depending upon …

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The Medicare Donut Hole Costs This Year

(Just Now) An all encompassing view of current medications, cost of medications, health and any existing conditions should be considered in the cost analysis of a Part D plan. It is wise to take the time to compare drug prices, costs of generic versus brand name drugs, consider purchasing a 90 day drug supply when allowed and investigate mail prescription

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Do Medicare Lump Sum Payments Dictate Hospital Discharges

(5 days ago) Does a patients’ health dictate a hospital discharge or do the Medicare incentives dictate a hospital charge or do Medicare lump sum payment thresholds? The Wall Street Journal analyzed the patient discharge thresholds for long term care hospitals; hospitals which provide the care and treatment for serious conditions versus general hospitals.

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Soaring Healthcare Costs of Senior Prisoners

(7 days ago) The Increasing Costs of Health Care For Elderly Prisoners Interestingly enough, the health care costs of prisoners actually declined in the years 2010 and 2011. However, it is expected with the recent expansion of the prison population and the relatively few seniors who are paroled that their health care costs will start to rise dramatically

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Benefits Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

(2 days ago) Health Benefits Of Omega-3’s. Research has indicated omega-3s can help prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the omega-3 ‘qualified health status‘ which suggests their is supportive but not proven evidence of the claim.Studies continue to identify the role of omega-3 fatty acids in inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune

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Four Thieves Essential Oil Uses

(Just Now) The cool thing is the ingredients in Four Thieves Oil have many other uses – for example, clove oil is good for dental pain. I’m glad you mention safety, though. Some people may have sensitivities to essential oils because of pregnancy or health conditions. They’re very strong, concentrated forms of herbs and should be used with great care.

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Lewy Body Dementia Affects 1.4 Million Americans

(3 days ago) is a website maintained by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. The website has contains up to date information on clinical trials throughout the United States. The information on the website is updated by the researcher/investigator/sponsor of the trial. Recommended Reading: The Connection Between UTI’s And Sundowning

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Berry Oh Berry! Benefits Of Antioxidants Berries

(6 days ago) Research continues as to how these superfoods benefit our bodies and overall health. The superfood berries tend to be rich in other vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, beta carotene, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Flavonoid is another bonus as the flavonoid anti oxidant Zea-xanthin helps filter UV rays which assists in protecting the eyes from

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Recommended Senior Citizen Vaccines

(Just Now) Health professionals maintain that even though the protection rate is less this year, it is better to be protected or lessen the severity of the flu if contracted. The 2014-15 is one of the most severe in recent years and the young and older population have been the most effected.

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Celebrate The Benefits Of Healthy Asparagus

(3 days ago) Benefits Of Asparagus. The health benefits of asparagus include: high source of calcium; zinc; magnesium; vitamin B6; low calories; low sodium; Easy and quick to cook, grill, marinate, steam, stir fry or can be served raw, this versatile vegetable is celebrated throughout the world with its’ own festivals.

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Oil Pulling Does It Work

(1 days ago) Oil pulling dates back to Ayurveda remedies where gargling is used for treatment of oral health, detoxification and the balance of doshas. However in Ayurveda the treatment is not a blanket recommendation depending upon an individual and their specific issues.

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A Proactive Approach to Hospital Errors By Stanford's

(1 days ago) What Is Pearl ? Stanford’s Process for Early Assessment, Resolution and Learning (Pearl) which began in 2005 and seeks to address hospital errors without litigation, with emotional counseling while being accountable for the errors and learning from the errors. YouTube. Stanford Health

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So Soothing! DIY Basil Face Cream With Essential Oils

(Just Now) One of the best health benefits of basil is the basils’ membership in the adaptogen family. Adaptogens are stress reducers and are reported to battle the constant fight or flight symptoms found in todays’ busy society by targeting the adrenal system as a whole.

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22 Popsicle Stick Crafts For Kids & Adults!

(8 days ago) Love these creative ideas to use popsicle and craft sticks to make everything from flower vases, Christmas ornaments, Turkeys, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts, adorable Adirondack chairs, photo frames, coasters, bird feeders, garden and home ideas. Let the holiday crafts season by making these crafts now for the upcoming holidays.

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Is Obamacare Affordable

(8 days ago) I have purchased health care insurance for a small business since early 2000. I am well versed in purchasing health care insurance. The policy cancelled by BCBS was a traditional health care policy, $1000 deductible, 70/30 copay.

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10 Free Kindle Books: Gluten-Free Cookbooks

(5 days ago) Updated 2019 : The Kindle books listed below are now offered below $3.00. Coconut: Coconut Flour Recipes for Optimal Health & Quick Weight Loss: Gluten Free Recipes. Leafy Green Vegetable Recipes – Paleo style: free of gluten, grains, dairy and refined sugars. ***As of this publication date the titles compiled above were free, but

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Garden Hack: Frugal Container Gardening When Using Potting

(2 days ago) How To Save Money And Potting Soil. If you have a container garden or flower display then this is a gardening trick for you! This gardening hack works great for large containers to save money and save your back when moving the container around.. Large pots and containers require alot! of potting soil and are heavy to move around the house.

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Superbug CRE Outbreaks Increase Throughout United States

(1 days ago) Health officials are reporting the duodenoscope is not used at the Carolina HealthCare facility. Chicago’s Advocate Lutheran General Hospital had a superbug CRE infection of at least 44 people from an infected endoscope in 2013. The CDC reports only Alaska, Maine and …

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25+ Coconut Flour Recipes To Enjoy!

(9 days ago) Keto Chocolate Cake by Primal Edge Health. Millionaire Shortbread by One Wholesome Life. Gluten Free Lemon Bars by The Soccer Mom Blog. Coconut Flour Dinner Recipes. Don’t forget coconut flour can be used for dinner and lunch recipes! Coconut is a mild flour and the coconut flour can be made into savory dinner recipes.

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Easy Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe

(2 days ago) The sweet potato packs a double punch with its’ nutritional values as well as health benefits. Sweet Potato Souffle is a wonderful side dish which is conducive to serving as a sweet side dish with most entrees. One warning: the sweet potato soufflé is sweet which will please any who like sweet potatoes and have a sweet tooth.

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DIY Neck Strap For Homemade Face Masks

(3 days ago) In early Spring 2020 the WHO (World Health Organization) offers these tips and best practice if you are using any type of face mask. On April 3, 2020 CDC recommended cloth face coverings . A face covering is NOT the traditional blue surgical or medical masks, but a homemade face mask or DIY face covering which snugly covers your nose and mouth.

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The Laundry Pod: Children, Seniors Now Teenagers At Risk

(2 days ago) Experts remain stymied as to why detergent concentrated in the pod form is posing a significant health risk when ingested. The experts continue to theorize that the design of the pod is inherently dangerous, the high concentration of liquid in the pod, the force of the pod bursting may be the cause, but have not yet arrived at a conclusion.

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Should An Aging Parent Consider A Reverse

(9 days ago) Extensive medical bills, long term health care for a debilitating illness or an older home in need of repairs can require immediate attention at a high cost. While a reverse mortgage may grant ease of access to funding, please keep in mind the following when considering the option.

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The Best! Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

(8 days ago) Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or parchment paper sheets. In a medium size bowl, combine coconut flour, melted and cooled coconut oil, syrup, eggs vanilla and salt. Whisk mixture together. Allow dough to sit five minutes so the dough thickens. Add the chocolate chips. Using a tablespoon or cookie scoop, drop 12 cookies onto baking sheet.

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Community Project: How To Hold A Holiday Plarn Drive

(8 days ago) Of course the kids can help sort the plastic bags as they arrive; but kids can also make plarn! This is a good project to organize into an assembly line for the kids to participate. Sort the plastic bags by size and type. Straighten and flatten plastic bags. Cut off the tops …

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Can Brain Improvement Games Prevent Alzheimer's and

(7 days ago) In reaction to the ‘is it fact or fiction that brain exercise can prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s’, the Stanford Center on Longevity and the Berlin Max Planck Institute for Human Development reacted with a consensus statement. The consensus statement was prompted by the current marketing of brain games in relation to medical facts.

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New Parkinson's Drug Nuplazid Seeks FDA Approval

(3 days ago) A new antipsychotic drug Nuplazid, (Pimavanserin, generic Name) has been developed by Acadia Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, United States. This drug has successfully completed the phase-3 trials for Parkinson’s psychosis disorder. Acadia Pharmaceuticals is a firm that is passionate enough and determined toward improvement of life quality of patients who are suffering from various neurological

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Crazy For Cauliflower! 32 Delish Cauliflower Recipes

(7 days ago) I could no longer ignore the health benefits of cauliflower and began looking for recipes to incorporate cauliflower into my menu. Cauliflower As A Low Oxalate Food. Cauliflower remains one of the healthiest, nutritious and low oxalate food in your repertoire.

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Taste Test & Reviews: Lightly Salted Potato Chips

(4 days ago) Health. I am a chip lover, a tater lover and definitely eat more than my share of taters and chips on a daily basis. Alas it became time to watch and lower the salt intake. So my eyes wandered through the potato chip aisle and began focusing on the lightly salted versions of my favorite tater.

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Butternut Squash Bake With Apples!

(9 days ago) Drain. In a medium bowl, add the butternut squash and very gently mash a few of the pieces. Add remaining ingredients and gently mix. This will determine the smoothness of the dish. Spoon into a 9" pie dish or an 8" square glass dish. The consistency will be fluffy! Bake 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees.

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WOW Internet Outage

(2 days ago) The last few weeks a very interesting internet outage has occurred. Around 10- 11 p.m. EST every night the internet ceases to work, it is sluggish or the speed resembles a dial up connection of years ago. For the past four Saturdays beginning in late evening, a WOW cable outage occurs and the internet ceases to be accessible.

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Obamacare Brexit: The Hot Mess Of Buying Health Insurance

(4 days ago) How many grey hairs will this health insurance purchaser gain after surviving the rollout of Obamacare and now the prospective repeal of Obamacare via a new administration. Again I put politics aside and would speculate that those purchasing health care insurance can agree that purchasing health care insurance is one hot mess of a nightmare.

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Lifestyle Archives

(3 days ago) Lifestyle articles for your pets, health, home and garden. Easy DIY, home hacks and my favorite tips to manage an active home and life at all ages. My Favorite Fresh Cut Flower Hack. How To Safely Control The Dandelion (flower or weed!) Community Project: How To Hold A Holiday Plarn Drive.

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Water Oh Water : Quick Dam Flood Bags Review

(Just Now) The Quick Dam flood bags are literally light as a feather. Simply lay the bag in the desired location and water activates the bag. The gel in the bag then activates the sandbag and fills with water. If you are under continual saturated conditions the bags will remain filled with water until drier conditions prevail and the water will dissipate

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Family Caregivers

(8 days ago) The caregiving expenses for a parent can generate tax deductions for the elderly parent on your taxes. Children who financially care for a parent may be entitled to claim the parent as a dependent on their tax return and/or claim medical expenses for an elderly parent which can translate into deductions for the family caregiver(s.)

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Fun DIY! 14 Christmas Reindeer Crafts For Kids & Adults

(6 days ago) Walnut Shell Reindeer Ornament by The Savvy Age. Turn your walnut shells into a reindeer ornament – an easy reindeer craft for adults that kids will love on the Christmas tree. DIY Rudolph Ornament by Ann’s Entitled Life. Reindeers make you smile and this reindeer ornament is no exception! Reindeer Ornament From Dog Bones by The Savvy Age.

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