Our Healthy Brain

Another instance in which exercise benefits the brain is when our mental health gets a chance to grow new ‘neuronal connections’. In simpler terms, exercise helps develop the vital brain cells that form circuits, to eventually support our motor, sensory, and cognitive thinking skills that …

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The Ocean of Knowledge: How Water Impacts Your Brain

(8 days ago) By protecting your brain and drinking enough water, you would be doing a large favor to your body by allowing it to function properly and not show negative effects such as headaches, migraines, or even serious health damaging issues. In addition, concentration drastically improves with hydration, as “Staying properly hydrated enables the

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Music and Your Brain

(7 days ago) Beyond simply bringing a smile to your face and mind, music can also boost your health and immunity. Research has shown that listening to music allows quick and long lasting immunity, antibodies, and cells that protect against bacteria and other invaders in your body. Music has also proven to be effective across a variety of treatment scenarios

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In Every Corner of Life: Psychology Behind Altruism

(7 days ago) 3. Improved Mental Health – Similar to volunteering, engaging in altruism alleviates stress, calms anger, and counteracts anxiety. Moreover, engaging in volunteering and prosocial behaviors can help with depression, increase confidence, and prevent feelings of isolation.

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Sugar, Sugar on the Wall Who is the Sweetest of Them All

(2 days ago) Sugar is something that we all consume on a daily basis – whether it’s through ice cream, cookies, or even coffee. Though our brains do require glucose (sugar) to use as energy – just like any other circumstance, overeating this sweet molecule may create quite the issue. Our brain has various effects and powers that we use daily, including memory, color vision, and so much more.

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