Southern Inyo Healthcare District

Southern Inyo Healthcare District has partnered with UC Davis Health to build a quality wound care program in Lone Pine, CA. Our renowned experts are bringing advanced multidisciplinary wound care consultation to patients, no matter where they live. Like the rest of Inyo County and the nation Southern Inyo Hospital l (SIH) at the outset of the

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Rural Health Clinic

(Just Now) Rural Health Clinic. Tucked in the shadow of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range, the Southern Inyo Community Clinic offers a full slate of rural health services, from yearly check-ups to urgent care. In partnership with Southern Inyo Hospital, we also provide a variety of specialists to help our patients stay healthy without traveling

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Latest Coronavirus Information

(1 days ago) Public Health Briefing for Mono and Inyo Counties. What Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Means for Mono and Inyo Counties. Read more »

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Department Managers

(Just Now) Carol Dunnaway. Position: Business Office Insurance Billing Supervisor. I started working at Southern Inyo Health Care in December of 2009, as a patient account representative, responsible for working collection on patient….

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District Transparency

(2 days ago) District Transparency. Our district is dedicated to operating in a transparent manner, and posts relevant financial and operational documents to our site as they become available. Information. Where to find it. Contact Information On File. PO Box 1009, Lone Pine, CA, 93545. 501 E. Locust St., Lone Pine, CA, 93545. (760) 876-5501.

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(4 days ago) IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE. The Board of Directors of the Southern Inyo Healthcare District is pleased to announce the United States Bankruptcy Court - Eastern District of California - Sacramento Division approved the District’s plan for paying its creditors and bringing resolution to …

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Mission Statement

(8 days ago) Mission Statement. Southern Inyo Local Healthcare District is dedicated to maintaining and improving health of residents and visitors of the District through a coordinated health program, including acute inpatient and outpatient services, skilled nursing, education, referral services, and recruitment of health care personnel, with the support

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Board of Directors

(9 days ago) Bruce Branson. Position: Vice President. Email Address: [email protected] Bruce J Branson is the newest Board Member on the Southern Inyo Healthcare District Board.

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Wound Care Service

(9 days ago) Southern Inyo Healthcare District has partnered with UC Davis Health to build a quality wound care program in Lone Pine, CA. Our renowned experts are bringing advanced multidisciplinary wound care consultation to patients, no matter where they live.

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Service Area Map

(7 days ago) Rural Health Clinic; Skilled Nursing Facility; Suboxone Clinic MAT Program; Wound Care; Board Meetings; SIHD District. Calendar; News. Latest News; Advertisements; Employee Activities; Southern Inyo Healthcare Chapter 9 Status Reports; About The District. About Us; CEO's Message; Critical Access Hospital; History; Mission Statement; Parcel Tax

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"Miracle on Locust Street"

(5 days ago) As of the evening of July 6, 2020 we open a new chapter titled, “The Miracle on Locust Street”. The light shines bright at the end of this unbelievably long ride and we thank you for staying with us through the best of times and the worst of times. Our Healthcare District residents were bolstered by the support of the residents of the

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Diagnostic Imaging

(9 days ago) Diagnostic (Routine) Radiography. Your physician may have ordered an x-ray of your chest or some other body part such as your hand or leg. "Plain" x-rays are very useful to determine if a bone is broken (fractured) or if you have some kind of respiratory or abdominal problem (such as pneumonia or a …

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New CDPH Requirements for Hospital Visitation

(6 days ago) This new requirement has been put in place by the California Department of Public Health in order to ensure the safety of patients, residents, other visitors, and staff. If you have any questions, please call us at 760-876-5501. Rules for Hospital Visitation Important Update for Masking Requirements.

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SIHD Parcel Tax Information

(8 days ago) The amount of the parcel tax is based on the following: Every parcel pays the base rate of $50.00. Parcels with a residence (s) pay an additional $100.00 per residence. (This does not apply to hotels/motels.) A parcel with one residence pays $150.00, with two residences $250.00, etc. Parcels with a commercial business or commercial improvements

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Public Health Briefing for Mono and Inyo Counties

(Just Now) Health officials expect to see an increase in the number of people who catch the virus in community settings. It is time to think about ways to reduce chances of getting the virus and of spreading it to others. The COVID-19 virus spreads like the flu, mostly by inhaling the tiny droplets produced by coughing and sneezing in close quarters, and

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Skilled Nursing Facility

(5 days ago) Skilled Nursing Facility. Located in the shadow of the spectacular Sierra Nevada mountain range, the Southern Inyo Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility provides personalized care to residents from all backgrounds. Our thirty-three bed facility is licensed by the California Department of Health Services and located within the hospital.

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COVID-19 Update at Southern Inyo Hospital (SIH)

(6 days ago) At the outset of the 1st positive test we activated our rapid response protocol and isolated these patients and instituted special round the clock care provide by our nursing staff. We have worked closely with Inyo County Public Health department and the CDPH as we seek to …

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Rehabilitation Services

(4 days ago) Rehabilitation Services. Our rehabilitation department prides itself on providing high quality, personalized care in your hometown. We work with adults and children who, due to disabilities or complex medical conditions, need assistance in developing everyday skills that allow them to function more independently at home, school, or work.

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State of California—Health and Human Services Agency

(8 days ago) health, emergency medical services (EMS), health care facilities, and emergency management that provide planning and response coordination. Planning and Implementation . Indicators and Triggers . An indicator is a “measurement or predictor of change in demand for health care . of . of

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What is a "Critical Access Hospital"

(5 days ago) What Makes Us A Critical Access Hospital: Southern Inyo Healthcare District has been designated a Critical Access Hospital, as defined by the Office of Rural Health Policy (External Link), part of The Health Resources & Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. The Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Program was established to aid in the continuation of healthcare

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Employee Activities

(Just Now) Employee Activities. Every month, we recognize an employee that stands out and goes the extra mile. The employee that is chosen for the month receives a gift card to a business located in Lone Pine, as well as a Certificate of Appreciation. We appreciate each and every employee.

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Southern Inyo Healthcare District is receiving a 'facelift'.

(8 days ago) The hospital hasn't been painted in quite a few years. It was looking pretty shabby, and outdated. This is the NEW Southern Inyo Healthcare District taking care of our community! As you can see by the photo, the painting crew is prepping the surface, and has started to paint. If you are out and about during your daily activites, swing on by and

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Pfizer vaccine is in stock. Residents 12+ may call to make

(2 days ago) Individuals that are 12+ may call the clinic to schedule an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. These vaccinations are done at the Southern Inyo Rural Health Clinic ONLY.. The address, and phone number is listed below.

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February is American Heart Month

(4 days ago) A presidential proclamation pays tribute each year to researchers, physicians, public health professionals and volunteers for their tireless efforts in preventing, treating and researching heart disease, which is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S. Hospitals and health systems around the country celebrate American

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Public Records Request Policy of Southern Inyo Healthcare

(7 days ago) Purpose: To establish District policy and guidelines concerning accessibility of District records. Background: Section 6253 of the Government Code provides that every person has a right to inspect any public record except those specifically exempted by law.

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New emergency services signage, and SIH Foundation patient

(1 days ago) On February 25th, Southern Inyo Hospital unveiled its new "Emergency Services" sign as part of its ongoing external renovation project. Peter Spiers, CEO at SIHD unveiled the new sign in front so a number of staff, board members and county officials. Next on the schedule will be the remodel of the Rural Health Clinic.

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Brown Act Compliance Policy

(8 days ago) An emergency situation means a crippling disaster which severely impairs public health, safety, or both, as determined by the Board Chair or a majority of the Board. Newspapers of general circulation in the District, radio and television stations which have requested notice of Special meetings shall be notified by at least one hour prior to the

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Code of Ethics Policy

(2 days ago) Code of Ethics Policy. Goals of the Code of Ethics & Values: To make our District a better District, built on mutual respect and trust. To promote and maintain the highest standards of personal and professional conduct among all involved in District government, District staff, …

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Conflict of Interest Policy

(8 days ago) The Political Reform Act (Government Code §§ 81000, et seq., hereinafter referred to as the Act) requires state and local government agencies to adopt and promulgate conflict of interest codes.

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