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About the Professor. Michael Chernew, PhD, is the Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Chernew’s research examines several areas related to improving the health care system, including studies of novel benefit designs, Medicare Advantage, alternative payment models, low-value care, and the causes and consequences of rising health care spending.

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What Is Health Care Economics

(1 days ago) Health care economics is a term used to describe the various factors that converge to influence the health care industry’s costs and spending. As a field of study, health care economics seeks to understand the role that individuals, health care providers, insurers, government agencies, and public and private organizations play in driving

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New Harvard Online Health Care Economics Course Launches

(8 days ago) Health care plays a vital role in the United States economy. Health care spending grew 4.6 percent in 2019, reaching $3.8 trillion—accounting for nearly 18 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).Understanding the true drivers of that spending and the policies that shape and define them is complex yet necessary, which is why Harvard Online is announcing the launch of a new

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Search Our Website Harvard Business School Online

(9 days ago) Health Care Economics Explore the Economic Forces Shaping US Health Care Taught by Harvard Medical School faculty, Health Care Economics, a Harvard Online course, provides insights into the interactions between industries in the US health care sector and teaches what

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Online Business Courses & Certifications HBS Online

(1 days ago) Health Care Economics from Harvard Online. Professor Michael Chernew, PhD. Explore the economic forces shaping the health care sector. 6 weeks, 2-3 hrs/week Apply by October 25$1,600Certificate . Earn a Certificate of Specialization by taking three courses in this subject area within 18 months.

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Corporate Training Programs HBS Online

(5 days ago) Athena Health. Play Athena testimonial video. Leaders from Athena Health describe how they were able to apply the course concepts directly to their business and the usability of the HBS Online course platform. Why Work with Us? HBS Online’s high-impact business courses can serve as stand-alone learning experiences or as one component of an

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Understanding Sunk Costs Can Help Everyday Decision-Making

(Just Now) Working out may be advantageous to your health, but your annual membership shouldn't dictate whether you go to the gym on any given day. If you paid up front, that’s money you won’t see again—if you’d rather take a hike, watch a movie, or spend an hour trolling Snapchat, you should.

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Does a Higher Minimum Wage Make Economic Sense

(9 days ago) Let’s first look at it from a purely economic perspective: In theory, a hike of the federally-required minimum wage should depress the demand for labor. If companies must pay each worker more, the law of demand predicts that they will hire fewer workers. The minimum wage sets a floor under which businesses and potential employees cannot

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Connext 2020: Coming To HBS Online HBS Online

(6 days ago) Editor's Note (March 11, 2020): In light of recent updates concerning the impact and continued spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made the decision to cancel Connext, scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 2, 2020. This was an extremely difficult decision that took into account guidance and information from Harvard University, local health officials, the Centers for …

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6 Professional Benefits of Understanding Finance HBS Online

(5 days ago) But the truth is, finance affects each and every person. Finance communicates the overall health of an organization, explains how an individual’s actions impact the company’s success, creates guidelines for future goals and initiatives, and sets meaningful metrics to …

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End of Course Information: Health Care Economics

(4 days ago) Health Care Economics We hope you enjoyed your experience in Health Care Economics, brought to you by Harvard Online. Please review the information on this page for any questions you may have about what comes next.

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How CORe Impacted My Career HBS Online

(2 days ago) The mental health services company I work for is investing in property, and understanding the concepts of willingness to pay (WTP) and willingness to sell (WTS) has helped me make decisions with our real estate agent, owner, and contractors. I'm currently working on a project to bring solar energy to the property, which will save more than

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How to Read Financial Statements: A Beginner’s Guide HBS

(5 days ago) An ability to understand the financial health of a company is one of the most vital skills for aspiring investors, entrepreneurs, and managers to develop. Armed with this knowledge, investors can better identify promising opportunities while avoiding undue risk, and professionals of all levels can make more strategic business decisions.

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Online Business Courses for Organizations HBS Online

(7 days ago) Find the Right Program for Your Organization. Corporate Solutions. Invest in your team with world-class learning and development. Explore Corporate Solutions. Academic Solutions. Supplement your curriculum with Harvard Business School faculty-led business courses. Explore Academic Solutions.

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How to Engage Your Employees HBS Online

(6 days ago) In a video for the online course Management Essentials, Meghan Joyce, who previously worked at Uber and is now COO at Oscar Health, says gathering observations by sitting in on meetings or simply wandering around the office can be deeply telling. “Observing them in their own environment can be so insightful,” Joyce says.

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How to Improve Your Team's Performance HBS Online

(3 days ago) Imbue your team with a sense of purpose by providing concrete examples of how your employees’ efforts further your firm’s overarching mission and tie into greater organizational objectives to positively impact society. 7. Be Authentic. Authenticity is an immensely valuable leadership trait.

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How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills in 2021 HBS Online

(Just Now) Asserting your interests. Understanding the motivations and feelings of other parties. Getting the maximum possible in the agreement. Take a moment to jot down your responses, before reading further. As you probably noted, two of the skills are outcome related: expanding the pie (#1) and securing your share of it (#4).

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How to Quickly & Effectively Read an Annual Report HBS

(1 days ago) Intelligent investing requires analyzing a vast amount of information about a company to determine its financial health. Armed with this information, an investor can better understand how much risk might be involved with backing a company based on how well it’s performed historically, in recent quarters, and toward its financial targets.

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How & Why Managers Use Financial Statements HBS Online

(Just Now) 3 Financial Statements Used by Managers. There are three key financial statements managers should know how to read and analyze: the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. The balance sheet provides a snapshot of a company’s financial health for a given period. It lists the assets, liabilities, and equity line by line for

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How to Read & Understand a Cash Flow Statement HBS Online

(6 days ago) Financial documents are designed to provide insight into the financial health and status of an organization. For example, cash flow statements can reveal what phase a business is in: whether it’s a rapidly growing startup or a mature and profitable company. It can also reveal whether a company is going through transition or in a state of decline.

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Certificates, Credentials, & Credits HBS Online

(5 days ago) Certificates, Credentials, & Credits. Harvard Business School Online equips learners with vital business knowledge, applicable skills, and resume-worthy accolades. Each program offers varying levels of certification—from undergraduate credit to a Credential of Readiness. Explore what you can earn and the requirements for completing an HBS

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3 Things to Consider When Expanding a Business Internationally

(Just Now) Here’s a look at three key economic indicators and what they tell us about the business climate in a given country. 1. Gross Domestic Product. Gross domestic product (GDP) is the value of the goods and services produced in an economy. The lunch you bought at the corner restaurant, the money your government pays to firefighters and teachers

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Why Is Strategic Planning Important

(8 days ago) Strategic planning is the ongoing organizational process of using available knowledge to document a business's intended direction. This process is used to prioritize efforts, effectively allocate resources, align shareholders and employees on the organization’s goals, and ensure those goals are backed by data and sound reasoning. It’s

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How to Develop Emotional Intelligence Skills HBS Online

(2 days ago) How to Develop Emotional Intelligence Skills. If you have gaps in your current skill set, there are actions you can take to boost your emotional intelligence. Methods include: 1. Try Journaling. At the end of the workday, reflect on how your meetings, projects, and interactions went—whether positive or …

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How to Create an Effective Value Proposition HBS Online

(1 days ago) Creating a value proposition is a reflective exercise that prompts you to take stock of the need your brand fills, who your competitors are, and how you provide a different experience from other products and services. Condensing these reflections into a succinct value proposition can enable you to convert leads into customers, effectively pitch

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Finance vs. Accounting: What's the Difference

(4 days ago) In either case, developing your financial acumen is key to making better business decisions. From deciding where to invest and how to allocate resources, to understanding the financial health of your organization, or even making the case for a project, many of the business decisions professionals face daily are rooted in finance and accounting.

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The Healing Power of Art: Building A Non-Profit HBS Online

(5 days ago) Research has shown the positive effects that art and music have on the physical and psychological health of people undergoing chemotherapy, and we hope to encourage further research so that engaging healing environments become the new hospital norm. The Rxhibition team at our first pitch and planning session with the pilot host hospital.

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2 Ways to Increase Profit Margin with Value-Based Pricing

(2 days ago) How to Increase Profit Margins with a Value-Based Pricing Strategy. As explained, gross profit margin is calculated by taking the revenue generated by a product’s sales, subtracting the cost of goods sold, then dividing the resulting number by the revenue. This formula demonstrates that there are two ways to increase your level of profit: You

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Privacy Policy & Legal Info HBS Online

(9 days ago) Learn More. Harvard Business School Online has a program designed to protect Personally Identifiable Information in its possession or control. This includes a variety of privacy and security policies, processes and procedures, including administrative, physical and technical measures. Nonetheless, no method of collection, storage or

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5 Ways Managers Can Use Finance to Make Better Decisions

(8 days ago) Knowing how to manage a budget can also allow you to better communicate progress and performance to stakeholders within your organization, which can inform how company-wide initiatives are planned and executed. 4. Involve Your Team in Decision-Making. Soliciting and considering a range of alternatives is an essential step in the decision-making

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Creating Value: Amazon's Acquisition of Whole Foods HBS

(2 days ago) On June 16, Amazon announced that they would be purchasing Whole Foods for $13.7 billion - approximately 27% higher than its current value in the market. After the initial shock wore off, many people began to speculate about whether this was a good decision or not. In finance, we think about creating value as generating returns in excess of a

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My Experience at Connext 2021 HBS Online

(5 days ago) Participating in Connext 2021. This year marked my first time attending HBS Online’s Connext conference, which was full of surprises, new challenges, networking tables, brilliant academics and speakers, performers, and, of course, Community Members who became part of my daily life. Connext is an excellent way for HBS Online participants to

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Disruptive Strategy: Walmart's Care Clinics HBS Online

(5 days ago) Disruptive Strategy. Strategy. Participants in Disruptive Strategy wrote final papers to apply the principles they learned in the course to a real organization. The post below is an excerpt written by Barrett Levesque. In 2014, Walmart announced plans to create its own healthcare clinics run by nurse practitioners where, in a similar story to

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Business Insights

(5 days ago) Health Care Economics News & Events Taught by Harvard Medical School faculty, Health Care Economics is a new Harvard Online course that provides insights into the interactions between industries in the health care sector.

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8 Steps Managers Can Take to Improve Profitability HBS

(1 days ago) Conducting an audit of your expenses and pruning away process inefficiencies are necessary steps toward improving your company’s profitability. 4. Create Budgets and Stick to Them. Knowing how to create a budget is an essential skill for managers. Familiarize yourself with your firm’s budgeting timeline, procedures, and financial statements

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Financial Terminology: 20 Financial Terms to Know HBS Online

(2 days ago) The remaining number can help you determine the overall state of your financial health. 17. Profit Margin: Profit margin is a measure of profitability that’s calculated by dividing the net income by revenue or the net profit by sales. Companies often analyze two types of profit margins:

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Why You Should Care About Tax Reform HBS Online

(9 days ago) If you think about health care, the ACA (Affordable Care Act) was held up because of its interpretation as a tax. If you think about the environment, you think about provisions that are associated with oil and gas, drilling, natural resource extraction. If you think about the M&A market, it's dominated by tax considerations today.

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Confirmation Bias: How It Affects Your Organization HBS

(6 days ago) Confirmation bias is the human tendency to search for, favor, and use information that confirms one’s pre-existing views on a certain topic. It goes by other names, as well: cherry-picking, my-side bias, or just insisting on doing whatever it takes to win an argument. Confirmation bias is dangerous for many reasons—most notably because it

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Leadership Under Pressure: 3 Strategies for Keeping Calm

(8 days ago) Strategies for Leading Under Pressure. 1. Wait to Act. A leader is someone who responds to a situation calmly and with a well-thought-out plan. Before you jump headfirst into problem-solving, take a deep breath and pause to collect your thoughts and assess the situation with a clear mind. This advice is the most important tip that Harvard

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Balance Sheets 101: What Goes on a Balance Sheet

(5 days ago) A balance sheet is one of the primary statements used to determine the net worth of a company and get a quick overview of its financial health. The ability to read and understand a balance sheet is a crucial skill for anyone involved in business, but it’s one that many people lack.

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How Can Purpose Impact Business Performance

(6 days ago) How does purpose impact an organization’s performance? That’s the question Harvard Business School Professor Rebecca Henderson explored during a recent lecture streamed via Facebook Live. “It’s clear that purpose is fashionable,” said Henderson, who teaches the online course Sustainable Business Strategy.. “There are 10, 20, 30, 40, maybe 100 books written about business and purpose.

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