100 Fascinating Facts About the Marathon

Fact 46: A typical marathon runner’s diet is 65% carbs, 25% protein and 10% fat. Fact 47: Experts recommend drinking 400 – 800 ml/hour during a marathon. Fact 48: Experts also recommend consuming energy gels every 45 minutes. Fact 49: The world’s most picturesque marathon is the Two Ocean’s Marathon in Cape Town.

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17 Ways Running Makes You Smarter

(5 days ago) The International Journal of Workplace Health Management recently did a study about the effect of exercise on productivity and it was found that those who did aerobic exercises (like running) were on average, 23% more productive at work.

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The Benefits of Running : 99 Fascinating Ways Running Can

(7 days ago) Runners never have problems getting several flights of stairs, a testament to their excellent health and stamina. 63. Live more. Unhealthy people are always sick, tired, fatigued, and depressed. But when you live a healthy and active lifestyle, you find more reasons to laugh, to have fun, and simply to enjoy life.

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45 Mind Numbing Facts, Figures and Statistics About Running

(6 days ago) 6. Exercise in general is known to improve bone health and increase bone density. University of Michigan researchers conclude that running as little as 12 – 20 minutes 3x a week can lead to greater bone density. 7. Running can keep you healthy and strong. However, running too much can also make you sick.

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The Awesome List of the Top 100 Best Running Blogs for 2014

(Just Now) Ashley Hicks and Toni Carey created Black Girls RUN in their effort to help address the growing obesity problem in the African-American community. They want to encourage women to start a healthy and active lifestyle. You’ll find training guides, articles about health, nutrition, weight loss, and fitness, among others.

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