9 Amazing Health Benefits of Guava

9 Health Benefits of Guava. 1. Regulates blood sugar level. Guava leaf extracts help to manage diabetes, if not prevent it. Studies show that drinking the leaf extract tea after a meal reduces blood sugar levels. It shows a significant reduction in blood sugar in type 2 diabetic patients.

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(7 days ago) HealthifyMe is the first app which I have got associated with and I must say the experience is fantastic. What I have attained is all because of my coaches and my team at The UPL Health Challenge 2017. I feel better and energetic. Reduced almost 2kgs in 1 month.

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Weight Loss Foods, Diet Plan, Exercises, Yoga, Health

(3 days ago) Lentils: Health Benefits, Nutritional Facts, and Recipes. by Alpa Momaya. May 26, 2021. 3. Summary: Lentils are edible seeds from the pulses group. Available …

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Jamun: Benefits, Facts, and Healthy Recipes

(4 days ago) Jamun is known to treat many health conditions such as heart problems, diabetes, skin issues, infections, asthma, stomach pain, flatulence, and a lot of other medical problems. Jamun can be consumed in fruit form, made as a juice, or even used in powder form. It can be used in many healthy recipes like salads, and smoothies as it aids in weight

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6 Health Benefits of Ghee You Should Know About

(1 days ago) Ghee contains many vitamins and minerals that regulate and repair the gut lining which in turn is important for brain health as well. #2 Rich source of Butyric acid. Ghee is a rich source of butyric acid. Butyric acid is a kind of short-chain fatty acid that improves and supports probiotic bacteria that is present in the stomach.

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9 Essential Vitamins and Minerals Needed by Every Man to

(3 days ago) Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that regulates the levels of calcium and phosphate in the body. It is also important for strong bone, teeth, and muscle health. Daily requirement: The recommended daily intake of vitamin C for adults is 10–20 micrograms (mcg). Although the deficiency is rare in India due to ample sunshine, deficiency of

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7 Tips To Maintain Your Mental Health While Working From Home

(5 days ago) Healthifyme is a platform that views health from a 360-degree angle and believes wholeheartedly in a well-rounded health plan that entertains your diet and exercise regime in equal parts. It provides you with a calorie tracker, diet plan and exercise regime customized to your needs.

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10 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Eating Peanuts

(4 days ago) Various studies have proven that eating peanuts decreases the chances of suffering from any kind of heart disease. Peanuts contain nutrients that are necessary for having a healthy heart.Magnesium, copper, a healthy ratio of unsaturated fats and antioxidants like resveratrol, keep your heart in a healthy condition.

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Jeera Water: Benefits and Side Effects How to make Jeera

(4 days ago) Obesity is a serious condition the world over that causes a chain reaction of health issues and hurts the mental health of those with the condition. Increased visceral fat, high body mass indexes, and insulin resistance are some of the major causes of serious metabolic disorders.

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10 Health Benefits of Muskmelon that you must know

(4 days ago) 10 Health Benefits of Muskmelon . Everybody loves the taste of cold, juicy muskmelon during the summers. While it is amazingly sweet and crunchy, it has various health benefits that everybody must know. The following are some of the proven health benefits of muskmelon that you should look into. #1 Healthy digestive system

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HealthifyMe Online Dietitian & Nutritionists for Weight Loss

(9 days ago) HealthifyMe nutritionists craft personal diet plans keeping your health goal in mind - lose weight, be fitter, gain muscle, or run better. We also specialize in controlling and treating lifestyle/health disorders and medical conditions such as cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid, PCOS/PCOD, hypertension and cardiovascular problems. Top Specializations

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12 Surprising Jowar (Sorghum) Health Benefits Nutrition

(5 days ago) The whole grain helps improve digestive health and is useful in treating conditions like diarrhea, bloating, stomach ache and constipation. 10. Improves Heart Health. As discussed earlier, jowar is rich in dietary fiber. The abundance of fiber in it helps lower LDL (or bad cholesterol) levels in the body, thus reducing the risk of heart attack.

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Basa Fish: Health Benefits and Ways to Consume

(9 days ago) 3. Good for Heart Health . Basa is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids namely EPA and DHA, which are important for maintaining good heart health and mental health. Regular consumption of this fish is linked to reduced occurrence of heart diseases and depression. 4. Low Carbohydrates

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9 Health Benefits of Custard Apple: HealthifyMe Blog

(8 days ago) Listed below are some of the known health benefits of consuming custard apples. 1. Better cardiovascular health. Custard apple is one of the few fruits that contain a well-balanced ratio of potassium and sodium that helps in regulating and controlling blood pressure fluctuations in the body.

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20 Wheatgrass Benefits for Weight Loss, Health, Skin and Hair

(5 days ago) From helping with weight loss to improving overall health, skin and hair, wheatgrass benefits are multifold. 1. It facilitates digestion. The American Cancer Society says that wheatgrass powder contains certain alkaline minerals that provide relief from ulcers, constipation and diarrhoea. It helps cleanse the colon and keeps acidity at bay. 2.

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13 Reasons Why Apples Should be a Part of Your Daily Diet

(1 days ago) The numerous health benefits offered by apples make them the most preferred and loved fruit across the globe. Furthermore, the fruit’s soluble fiber content can support weight loss and intestinal health. To make the best of the fruit, it is advisable to eat the entire fruit, skin, and meat. If consumed daily, apples can significantly improve

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Makhana: The Healthy Indian Snack

(6 days ago) The health benefits and nutritional value of makhana make them a popular choice for a healthy lifestyle. Origin of Makhana. In India, the state of Bihar is the largest producer of makhanas. Makhanas are derived from lotus seeds. Lotus develops seed pods, and each pod contains approximately 20 seeds that mature within 40 days. The seeds are then

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Soybean: HealthifyMe Blog

(7 days ago) According to health experts, there are certain fatty acids necessary for a healthy cardiovascular system. Two of those are found in soybean called linolenic acid and linoleic acid, popularly known as omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids boost anti-inflammatory effects and play a crucial role in brain and eye health.

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10 Health Benefits of Basil Leaves

(8 days ago) Summary: Right from a happy tummy to clear skin, basil leaves work wonders for our mind and body.Let’s have a look at how basil benefits your health and some easy recipes to add basil to your diet! Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is a sacred and remarkable herb loaded with numerous health

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Certified Experts in Nutrition and Fitness

(3 days ago) Health and Wellness is a rapidly evolving field with multiple changes taking place on a regular basis. HealthifyMe’s team of Certified Reviewers are a group of individuals, highly qualified in nutrition, fitness, and yoga, that strive to be your ally in every step of your journey.

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Carrots: Top 9 Benefits, Healthy Recipes, and More

(1 days ago) Carrots are super rich sources of fiber, beta-carotene, and minerals; while being low in calories and sugar. From boosting eye health to promoting immunity, carrots offer wide-ranging health benefits. While they are commercially available year-round, these versatile root vegetables are simple to add to meals whether raw or cooked.

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Top 9 Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit: HealthifyMe Blog

(9 days ago) Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits. Let’s get into why you should eat kiwi fruit and how it can impact your health: 1. Kiwi Prevents Blood Clotting. Kiwis were found to prevent blood clotting and manage blood pressure by reducing the amount of fat in the blood. It was found that this happened without negatively affecting blood cholesterol levels.

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Top 9 Home-Made Drinks to Strengthen your Immune System

(9 days ago) 10 Health Benefits of Muskmelon that you must know. Alpa Momaya. As the holder of a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics from the University of Mumbai, Alpa Momaya has always understood the value of good nutrition in an individual's life. She is a Registered Nutritional Practitioner (Canada) with over 15 years of experience in the field.

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Jaggery: 15 Health Benefits that you should know about

(6 days ago) Jaggery has enormous health benefits which make it the ideal sweetener. Just 20 grams of it contains 38 calories and has 9.8 gram of carbohydrates, 9.7 gram of sugar, 0.01 gram of protein, choline, betaine, Vitamin B12, B6, folate, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, and manganese. It has no traces of any kind of fat so one can

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Makhanas: 8 Incredible Health Benefits and Recipes

(4 days ago) 3. Improved Bone Strength. Calcium is an important mineral that plays a crucial role in one’s bone health. Sufficient intake of calcium is a must for anybody to improve their bone strength. As a good source of the mineral, consuming makhanas can play an …

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Moong Dal (Green Gram): 6 Amazing Health Benefits

(7 days ago) Moong dal’s low-carb, high-protein content is the reason behind its many benefits. Enjoy some of these health benefits of the superfood by trying out some delicious recipes given above. Next Read 7 Day GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss High Blood Pressure: Causes, Symptoms, and Foods to Eat

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Moringa: Health Benefits and Side Effects You Need to be

(1 days ago) Moringa health benefits include treating and preventing diseases such as diabetes, anemia, arthritis, liver and heart disease, and respiratory, skin and digestive disorders. The bark, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds and oil of this tree can be used. In India, drumstick pieces are used to make curries and can be added to sambar, etc.

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Onion: Top 8 Benefits; Nutritional Facts, and Healthy

(2 days ago) Doctors and health experts recommend adding onions to your daily diet as components like antioxidants, vitamin C, sulfur, etc. make the vegetable a boon for your health. From reducing the risk of cancer to regulating blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, aiding digestive health, and taking care of your heart, and onion is a superfood that

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7 Health Benefits of Summer Fruit Kokum: HealthifyMe Blog

(3 days ago) Kokum contains several important nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. It also provides the body much- needed dietary fiber that helps lower cholesterol, improves bowel health and assists in weight loss. It does this by keeping you feeling full for a longer time.

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Chickpeas: Benefits, Weight Loss, and Healthy Recipes

(4 days ago) Iron is an essential mineral in the body. It helps red blood cells carry and deliver oxygen to the entire body. When there is an iron deficiency present in the body, it can cause tiredness and weakness. Some life-threatening health conditions may arise due to low iron levels. Chickpeas are an excellent source of iron.

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9 Healthy Reasons to Add Radish to Your Diet

(8 days ago) 9 Health Benefits of Radish. The nutritional profile of radishes is very diverse and offers a wide scope of nutrients that can have a profound effect on health. From folate to sulfur compounds, radishes target many different aspects of the body and can contribute positively to …

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The Ultimate 7-Day Gym Diet Plan: HealthifyMe Blog

(6 days ago) While calories and macronutrients are important, the ideal gym diet will be one that positively influences health. This is a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals where all three macronutrients are consumed and nutrient-sparse foods are restricted. Below you can find a 7-day gym diet guide: Day 1. Breakfast.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Pears Must be a Part of your Diet

(6 days ago) Health Benefits of Pear . Pears have been enjoyed since ancient times. These bell-shaped fruits are sweet with a little tang of sourness that can be eaten soft or crisp. They offer a plethora of health benefits that have been backed by science and medicine. Let’s learn how eating pears are beneficial for your health. 1. Good for skin and hair

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Bitter Gourd: Nutritional Facts, Benefits, and Recipes

(5 days ago) Doctors and health experts say that bitter gourd helps in preventing vision-related problems such as poor eyesight and cataracts. Bitter gourd is filled with vitamin A and beta-carotene that are healthy for the eyes. Moreover, it is a good remedy …

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Top 9 Foods to be Included in your Diet For a Safe Monsoon

(2 days ago) Also named as the stinking rose, garlic comes with loads of health benefits. It fights the cold and flu-causing viruses and gives a boost to your immune system. Studies show that eating garlic on a daily basis increases the number of T-Cells in the blood, …

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Millets: Types, Benefits and Recipes Millets & Weight Loss

(6 days ago) Suddenly, health and fitness aficionados from across the world have sat up and taken notice of the immense health benefits that this humble food grain offers. Millets, once a staple in India, fell out of favor as the government popularised the cultivation of other cereal grains. Unlike wheat and rice, millet cultivation is incredibly sustainable.

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Whey Protein: Types, Benefits and Side Effects Whey

(4 days ago) 7. Other health benefits. Whey protein has other health benefits to boot as well. It contains anti-cancer properties, steps up immune function and may also protect against the symptoms of psoriasis. Whey protein side-effects. Whey protein intake is generally considered safe for most adults when consumed in a proper dosage.

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Black Coffee: Benefits and Side Effects Black Coffee for

(4 days ago) Black coffee has plenty of health benefits and also aids in weight loss. It can help boost memory, increase metabolism, keep your liver and heart-healthy, and helps in lowering your risk of developing cancer. However, one should drink it in moderation because, like anything, too much of it can lead to unwanted side effects.

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8 Surprising Benefits of Skipping Rope for Fitness

(4 days ago) A healthy heart is a happy heart. And a high-intensity interval cardio workout like skipping can really make your heart healthy and happy. It utilizes all of your large muscle groups, increasing your heart rate to a point where maximum calories are burnt, and excess weight is shed.

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Capsicum: Benefits, Nutritional Facts, and Healthy Recipes

(9 days ago) 6. Improves Bone Health. Capsicum is rich in manganese, a mineral that is a cofactor in the formation of bone cartilage and bone collagen and is essential for bone mineralization. The Vitamin K in capsicum also plays a role in strengthening bones and protecting against osteoporosis.

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Ashwagandha: Benefits and Side Effects Recipes (2019)

(5 days ago) Ashwagandha uses are immense. It not only has several health benefits; it also aids in weight loss. Ashwagandha has natural antioxidant, which improves overall health and promotes better fat burning indirectly. When the body’s immune function is compromised, weight loss comes to a standstill until the body improves.

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Height Weight Chart: Ideal Weight for Men and Women (2020)

(4 days ago) An indicative measure of good health in adults is manifest in the height and weight chart, while in children it attains greater importance since it is the benchmark for the overall development of the child. Since childhood, you are accustomed to two adages “Health is …

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Vitamin C rich foods and their 15 proven benefits

(4 days ago) Vitamin C deficiency can cause periodontal disease which is a severe form of gingivitis. It develops because lower levels of the vitamin can weaken connective tissues thereby easily breaking down capillaries. A regular and moderated intake of Vitamin C can prevent bleeding gums and lead to improved oral health. Regulates blood sugar

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Sabja Seeds: 6 Benefits and Side Effects of Basil Seeds

(7 days ago) Sabja seeds, also called tukmaria or basil seeds, are black seeds that look a lot like chia seeds and offer immense health benefits. They are native to India but different from the holy basil- also called Tulsi. Sabja seeds are rich in protein, essential fats, carbs, and are packed with fiber. Surprisingly, they contain no calories.

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7 Indian superfoods that should be a part of your diet

(8 days ago) Scaling the health food popularity charts these days, jackfruit is a multitasker: It can be a fruit, nut, vegetable vegan meat or a carbohydrate. Its use as chakka, a whole meal that’s an alternative to rice and roti , has now come to the forefront.

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