Fast Food Health Risks That Will Shock You

Fast food health risks you need to know about. You may be aware that fast and processed foods can harm your physical health, leading to diabetes and …

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Having a Healthy Diet & Sticking to It

(3 days ago) Eating for your health can be met with odd looks, aggressive questions, and even outright criticism at social events. Others’ reactions often come from feeling ill at ease, along with perceptions of being judged. But can you successfully address the …

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Gut Health Recipes to Nourish Your Microbiome

(1 days ago) This gut health recipe is delicious as a side dish alongside grilled tofu or tempeh or as a part of a grain bowl. 4. Kimchi “Fried” Rice and Veggies. This dish delivers fiber from the rice (and veggies), colorful phytonutrients from the vegetables, and …

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The Top Health Benefits of Mushrooms

(1 days ago) An estimated 50% of edible mushrooms are considered functional foods, meaning that they have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. …

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Are Health Trackers Worth It

(8 days ago) Health trackers, also known as fitness trackers, activity trackers, or wearable technology, are electronic devices designed to track and collect personal health and exercise data. Health trackers commonly take the form of a watch. But other …

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6 Healthiest Beverages You Should Be Drinking Daily

(3 days ago) From a health perspective, the dietary flavonoids in watermelon are anti-inflammatory and can reduce muscle soreness after exercise. Watermelon is also rich in citrulline, which is metabolized into arginine, an essential amino acid. The consumption of citrulline can even help improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

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Avocado Health Benefits: 15 Reasons to Eat These …

(6 days ago) Avocado Health Benefits: The Skinny on This Healthy Fat Fruit. Avocados offer an abundance of fiber, potassium (more than a banana!), and vitamins B6 and C. They’re also rich in folate, which can boost your mood! But any way you slice it, the nutrient avocados offer the most of is fat. In fact, one cup of avocado provides 21 grams of fat.

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Healthy Cookware: How To Choose Non-Toxic Pots and …

(9 days ago) Stainless Steel Cookware. Stainless steel is a healthy cookware choice that can last a long time. It works well for pressure cookers and big pots of soup, steamed vegetables, and cooking legumes and grains. However, stainless steel isn’t great for frying or sauté pans because it isn’t non-stick.

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Food Deserts: Causes, Impacts, & What to Do

(6 days ago) While the impact of poor health in low-income communities falls most heavily on the people living in those communities, it ultimately impacts all of us because the costs of Medicare and Medicaid, health insurance, government-funded health initiatives, lost wages and tax revenue, hospital emergency care for the uninsured, as well as medically

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Coronavirus Tips: How To Stay Healthy & Safe In The Time

(2 days ago) Alternative health sites tout unproven and sometimes dangerous regimens, from drinking water every 15 minutes to consuming chlorine bleach. What’s missing from the discussion is the massive body of evidence that our diet and lifestyle choices can influence how our bodies respond to illness.

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Best Foods for Gut Health: How to Heal and Keep Your Gut Happy

(8 days ago) A 2014 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food confirmed that kimchi is high in probiotics, and is an excellent fuel for gut health. Other studies have shown that kimchi can help to fight cancer, obesity, aging, and constipation, while also contributing to your …

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Sweet Potato Health Benefits: 10 Reasons To Eat More Sweet

(1 days ago) Sweet Potato Health Benefit #8: They Can Help Boost Fertility. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for healthy reproduction. And as we know, sweet potatoes are a fantastic source. Sweet potatoes also offer a rich supply of iron, which has also been shown to be important in supporting fertility. Sweet Potato Health Benefit #9: They Can Help Fight

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Hot Dogs: 7 Reasons Why Hot Dogs Aren't Good For You

(3 days ago) 2) They aren’t good for your heart health. Hot dogs are high in saturated fat and sodium. Just one hot dog can contain over a quarter of your day’s sodium allowance and over 14 grams of fat. A 2014 study published in Public Health Nutrition looked at the dose-response relationship between eating red and processed meat and the risk of dying

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Healthy Heart Masterclass – Watch FREE

(3 days ago) Dr. Guarneri’s passion for heart health was born after tragedy struck when her mother died of a heart attack at age 39, and her father at age 50. Today, she’s an award-winning cardiac specialist who’s guided millions of people to uncover holistic solutions that are backed by the leading edge of medical research.

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What is Vinegar and How Can You Use It for Your Health

(8 days ago) 6. Other Health Benefits. Other potential (though not necessarily confirmed) health benefits of consuming vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, include using it to fight colds and other viruses, alleviating symptoms of acid reflux, supporting digestive health, and having a natural detoxification effect on the liver. It might also help with

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Health Benefits of Squash + Types & Recipes- Food

(8 days ago) The health benefits of squash varieties like zucchini are myriad: they contain many bioactive compounds that fight cancer. And they do it in multiple ways: from combatting genotoxins (toxic agents that damage DNA molecules and cause mutations and tumors) and cytotoxins (compounds that damage all cells, pretty much indiscriminately), to

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7 Healthy Salad Recipes to Try Right Now

(7 days ago) And so, the health benefits and taste of a salad depend on what you put in it and on it. The good news is, you can easily make a homemade salad healthy, yummy, and satisfying by providing an abundance of whole, plant-based foods, including raw ones, to yourself and your loved ones.

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Why Buy Local Food

(1 days ago) Health and sustainability are two excellent reasons to eat more local food. But they’re not the only reasons. Here are some surprising, and not-so-surprising, benefits: Fresher food tastes better – When food is picked and eaten at the peak of freshness, it …

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Are Nutrition and Mental Health Related

(1 days ago) There is a growing body of evidence suggesting there’s a very strong connection between nutrition and mental health. Nutritional psychiatry has emerged as an additional treatment option for mental health disorders. And addressing nutrient deficiencies has been shown to increase mood and overall mental health.

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How Compassion Is Good For Your Health

(2 days ago) Reviews and testimonials of specific diets and approaches to health represent individual experiences and FRN does not guarantee any specific results from these approaches for your specific situation. In support of our educational mission, we sometimes share resources offered by …

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Healthy Popsicles: What to Look for & How to Make Your Own

(Just Now) The iconic popsicle is just over one century old. But in that time, it has become a beloved hot weather treat around the world. Unfortunately, the major popsicle brands are full of sugar, additives, and artificial ingredients. Does that mean that health-conscious people can’t enjoy the sweet, cold, fruity experience of an ice lolly on a sweltering day?

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Cumin Health Benefits: How This Special Spice Can Support

(7 days ago) Many of the studies showing potent health benefits are on cumin essential oil or black cumin (“black seed”) oil. But there are also some promising studies that indicate whole or ground cumin seeds may help lower inflammation and have protective properties, as well as aid in weight loss. And cumin is an excellent pantry staple for anyone

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Health Inequality: Why COVID-19 is Disproportionately

(6 days ago) There are many reasons for this, including less access to proper health care, more exposure to air pollution, and more exposure to the virus on the job. But the biggest contributor is that Black people have such high rates of chronic health conditions that weaken the immune system and cause increased vulnerability to the virus.

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How to Take Care of Your Hair and Nail Health

(3 days ago) Tempeh is a superfood for many reasons — gut health, heart health, and now, skin and nail health! It’s rich in biotin, B vitamins, and protein. Sweet potato also has biotin as well as carotenoids and B vitamins, while avocado brings the healthy fats. And kale is loaded with B vitamins and carotenoids, too.

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Dragon Fruit: 9 Health Benefits You Need To Know

(4 days ago) Not only is the fiber in dragon fruit great for your digestive health, but it also maintains blood sugar balance. Adding pitaya to your diet could help steady your blood sugar after eating other glucose-spiking foods. Pitaya has been shown to counteract insulin resistance induced in …

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Allium Vegetables: 5 Reasons to Eat More of These Amazing

(Just Now) Health professionals may advise some people to avoid including allium vegetables in their diet: IBS — Between 25 and 45 million people in the United States experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS. IBS is a gastrointestinal disorder that can cause extreme stomach discomfort and changes in …

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Healthy Dining at Restaurants: A Guide to Eating Well When

(2 days ago) Ask your health- and environment-conscious friends and loved ones for their recommendations. If you belong to an online plant-based community, like Food Revolution Network’s WHOLE Life Club, it’s easy to connect with others who can give you the scoop on what’s delicious and healthy wherever you are.

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Food Inequality: How Poor Nutrition Affects Health, Wealth

(4 days ago) Medical debt degrades health and nutrition, both financially and in terms of stress. Those laboring under the burden of debt have higher blood pressure, worse self-reported health status, poorer mental health, and shorter life expectancy than those with less debt. And without access to healthier foods, chronic illnesses continue to progress

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Are Tomatoes Healthy, or Harmful

(3 days ago) The health benefits of tomatoes are best seen in their whole food form. In other words, when all their natural nutrients are intact and there’s been no high fructose corn syrup, excess sodium, or other unwanted ingredients added to them. In their most natural form, tomatoes may offer the following benefits to your health. 1. Anticancer Properties

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Top Pomegranate Health Benefits & Uses

(3 days ago) Many of the health benefits of pomegranates demonstrated in human, lab, and animal studies may be due to the fruit’s anti-inflammatory compounds. Given that inflammation is a key factor underlying most of the major chronic diseases of our times, this is promising news.

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The Benefits of Cauliflower & How to Use It

(6 days ago) This cruciferous veggie offers a number of health benefits, especially from antioxidant compounds like sulforaphane. Although there are a few small considerations when eating cauliflower, for the majority of people, the effect on your health is likely to be wholly positive.

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Are Bananas Good For You

(7 days ago) Health: When it comes to your health, there are a couple of things to be aware of when it comes to answering the question: “are bananas good for you?” A few people report experiencing headaches after eating a lot of bananas. Keep in mind that …

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Health Benefits Of Kimchi: What Is It and Is It Good For You

(9 days ago) Kimchi is generally good for digestive health. Due to its high fiber content and large concentration of lactic acid bacteria, kimchi is good for your gut. A compound in kimchi called sulfur-methyl-L-methionine may even help prevent damage to your intestinal lining.

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Mushrooms: Nutrition, Benefits, & Risks

(7 days ago) The researchers found that chagas were indeed a potential candidate for hair health applications and had a stimulative effect on hair follicle cells in a petri dish, doing more for the cells than an FDA-approved hair-growth drug, minoxidil. Whether or not eating mushrooms will beat Rogaine in giving you a shaggy mane, however, is still unknown.

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Magnesium Health Benefits & Risks You Should Know About

(4 days ago) Below are some of the most researched magnesium health benefits. 1. Improved heart health. A 2017 meta-analysis of 11 studies published in Nutrition Journal concluded that magnesium levels circulating in the blood are inversely associated with …

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Benefits of Beets: 10 Amazing Reasons to Eat More Beets

(Just Now) Inflammation is a factor in many health problems, including heart disease, cancer, and obesity. One study of individuals with knee pain found that a twice-daily dose of concentrated betalain reduced pain and improved joint function in people suffering from osteoarthritis in their knee joints.

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What Are Flavonoids

(2 days ago) Summary. The phytonutrients known as flavonoids are some of the most potent & health-promoting compounds on the planet. They fight inflammation, heart disease, and cancer; they promote brain health, and are good for your bones.

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Vitamin K: Benefits, How to Get It, and How Much You Need

(1 days ago) Currently, most health authorities focus on K1 specifically, which is a shame because it seems that K2 is equally important for long-term health. According to the National Academy of Medicine, the daily requirement for vitamin K1 from foods is 90 micrograms (mcg) for women and 120 mcg for men.

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Join Now and Take Control of Your Heart Health

(8 days ago) Healthy Heart is a breakthrough online course taught by renowned holistic cardiologist Dr. Mimi Guarneri. Get exclusive access to Dr. Mimi’s latest breakthrough research, Health Coaches and Certified Nutritionists, plant-powered recipes, a supportive community, and more!

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How the Food Movement Is Gaining Strength

(3 days ago) More and more people are realizing that our food chain is in crisis. Agribusiness has made profits more important than your health -- more important than the environment -- and more important than your right to know how your food is produced. The United States now spends nearly 20 percent of GDP on health care, but levels of obesity, diabetes and chronic illness are higher than ever.

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Lifestyle Disease Prevention: An Interview with Dr. Sean

(6 days ago) In this video interview, Dr. Sean Hashmi of Kaiser Permanente sits down with Ocean Robbins to discuss his experience as a kidney specialist, his mission to change the culture of medicine, and the importance of treating root causes of disease — not just symptoms. Dr. Hashmi and Ocean discuss the impact of systemic inequality on food choices and health outcomes, and look at …

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Join the Food For Health Masterclass with John Robbins

(4 days ago) Discover John Robbins’ 10 Mighty, Plant-Powered Breakthroughs That Can Unlock Your Unique Body’s Ultimate Health Potential. Join one of the world’s most beloved experts on living a plant-powered lifestyle in this Masterclass. Transform the way you think, eat, and live with the. Food For Health Masterclass.

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