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The dacadoo Health Score is a number between 0 and 1,000 representing overall health. It increases or decreases in near real-time, depending on how a user’s mental and physical health, nutrition, activity, sleep, self-control and mindfulness data change over time.

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Digital Health Engagement Platform, Risk Quantification

(4 days ago) Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) The dacadoo digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) motivates users to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. We combine the patented dacadoo Health Score with automated coaching to guide users towards improving their health and wellbeing. Learn more about our digital health engagement platform.

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Reward Healthy Lifestyle for Life, Health and Reinsurers

(8 days ago) Maintains a high level of data security and privacy (GDPR, HIPAA, etc.) Offers insight into user behavior with comprehensive usage, retention and customer engagement statistics. Helps to improve and maintain overall health and wellbeing of your insured customers. Offers a behavioral-based points system to reward healthy lifestyle and engagement.

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Health as the New Wealth: A Business Perspective

(3 days ago) Health as the New Wealth: A Business Perspective. COVID-19 has taken a toll on many businesses and communities. It has also led to a drastic shift in the way many individuals think about their health. A McKinsey & Company article found that “ the COVID-19 crisis has spurred consumers to become more health-oriented and increase their intake of

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Frequently Asked Questions

(4 days ago) The dacadoo Health Score is an indicator of your current health and wellbeing and the dacadoo health engagement solution is a lifestyle product which allows you to manage your personal health and wellbeing in an easy and fun way. To be active and help you remain engaged, dacadoo applies motivation techniques from behavioural science and popular

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Access & Subscription

(5 days ago) Employees of Corporate Health Programs You will receive a personalized link to sign up to dacadoo from your employer who is sponsoring your subscription. Should your employer not renew your subscription after it has expired, you may choose to extend it as described below.

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Team & Life at dacadoo

(7 days ago) Blake has developed and launched insurance, savings, investment, and group health products, including the Vitality program in Canada where he implemented partner integrations and the use of advanced analytics in marketing and customer engagement. He is now supporting insurance companies in North America as they transformation into customer

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Health Engagement Platform

(9 days ago) Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) dacadoo develops and operates a comprehensive Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) to motivate users to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. The platform combines motivational techniques from behavioral science with functions from online gaming and social networking as well as automated

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Supported Devices & Apps

(3 days ago) Your health data stored on the Apple Health app can be synchronized with dacadoo, if you allow it. For iPhone 5S or higher, you can track steps directly via the Health app, as the phone has a step counter chip (M7/M8 chip) built in. In general, you can manage access to your data in the Health app any time.

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Why Physical Health Should Never Be Overlooked

(2 days ago) Within our Wheel of Life TM physical health category, we focus on the data that represents how healthy our bodies are.Undertaking a deep analysis of the family medical history, blood pressure, heart rate, blood values, prevalence of diabetes, etc., we can scientifically determine with a single number between 0 and 1,000 how healthy a user’s body is.

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Health Promotion, Employee Health dacadoo

(1 days ago) Corporate Health Promotion. Create a health and wellbeing program that leads to positive and lasting change in your organization through data-driven, personal and engaging experiences. Empower your employees to engage with their health and drive long-term behavior change with the dacadoo Health Engagement Platform and dacadoo GO.

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dacadoo Ecosystem Partners

(4 days ago) The dacadoo platform covers health promotion and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle with content covering body, mind and lifestyle (activity, nutrition, stress, mindfulness, self-control and sleep). We complement this with partners who offer specialist content in the above areas.

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How can I calculate my Health Score

(2 days ago) The Health Score summarizes the health status of an individual into one number that measures the overall health and wellbeing of a person in real time. The Health Score indicator is a scientifically calculated number from 1 (low) to 1000 (high) that moves up or down, depending on how your body, emotional wellbeing, or lifestyle data change.

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Health Scoring and the Personalization of Risk

(2 days ago) Health Scoring and the Personalization of Risk. Uncertainty is inherent to the life and health insurance industries. Life and health insurers are ready for a new generation of technology that can help their customers better quantify their health behaviors and optimize their lifestyles — thereby reducing insurers’ uncertainty when

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Introducing dacadoo 3.10

(Just Now) The dacadoo team has been working around the clock over the last few months to bring you a brand new release including many changes and improvements. And, therefore, on the 11th of June we released our latest app update, our pride and joy: dacadoo 3.10. With this update, we bring you the introduction of our brand-new, … Continue reading "Introducing dacadoo 3.10"

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Health Scoring and Underwriting

(2 days ago) What is Health Scoring and what does it consist of? How is Health Scoring applied in Life and Health Insurance? How is Health Scoring applicable to Underwriting? How can new lifestyle data be scientifically applied to Underwriting? DEMO: How to apply health score data to Underwriting Host: Thomas Dijohn, VP Sales APAC at dacadoo Date: … Continue reading "Health Scoring and Underwriting"

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What is COVID-19 and how can we fight it with lifestyle

(Just Now) A healthy lifestyle contributes to our bodies’ ability to fight bacteria, viruses and infections, including COVID-19. Make the right health choices to strengthen your immune system by: Practice regular exercise: try yoga or Pilates, get creative and utilize furniture and home stairs and go …

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Is happiness the key to good health

(2 days ago) However, there are other links between happiness and health. There is evidence, for example, that being in a good mood boosts your immune system, reduces inflammation and aids with healing, all of which are clear health benefits. In all these cases, more research will be needed to prove the link. However, it seems clear at the moment that

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How to be healthy at the office

(8 days ago) Measure your health and wellbeing with your personal Health Score and engage in healthy living with real-time virtual coaching and feedback. Engage in activities, share progress and successes with friends, win challenges! Get it on your iPhone or Android. Join the dacadoo World!

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Mental Wellbeing And How It Affects Overall Health

(6 days ago) Poor mental health can pose a huge impact physical health, leading to an increased risk of some serious conditions. Therefore, it’s vital to look at physical and mental health together and understand the holistic overview of one’s health – which is the main reason behind our newly-launched Wheel of Life TM Digital Health Engagement Platform.

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Free White Paper: Health Scoring and The Personalization

(8 days ago) Free White Paper: Health Scoring and The Personalization of Risk This white paper has been developed in conjunction with our Data Science team to bring to life the tangible outcomes our Health Scoring technology can bring to health care expenditure savings. We also explore how new personalization efforts in life or health insurance can combine … Continue reading "Free White Paper: Health

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Terms and Conditions

(2 days ago) The types of Data which may be distinguished are the following: Health Score, workouts including pictures (workout, profile and profile background pictures) and achievements gained. Sensitive personal data such as weight or blood pressure, are not accessible to others. The following types of sharing options are available: (i) Public: All users

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BOD & Advisory Board

(7 days ago) Health Score and Risk Model Expert Prof. Jacobs received a PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1977. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, he joined the faculty of the Institute of …

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Processed food: Is it all unhealthy

(1 days ago) Processed food often gets a bad rap, and mostly for good reason. As a rule of good health, you should enjoy a clean, natural diet and avoid eating processed food. However, it’s important to understand what processed food is and why it is unhealthy for you before you completely write it …

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The hot drinks that are best for your health

(1 days ago) While this is one of the most popular drinks in the world, the actual health benefits are unclear. There have been a lot of studies that suggest a link between coffee consumption and lower risk of liver disease, some cancers, strokes and Alzheimer’s disease, but none of them are conclusive enough to really prove this is the case.

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How to connect Apple’s Health app with dacadoo

(5 days ago) You will be automatically redirected to the Apple’s Health app.Here you will be able to allow access to your health data. Please note that you can allow the synchronization of all health data categories by clicking on Turn all categories On, or by selecting just certain categories (e.g. Steps, Body Mass Index, Cycling Distance, etc.).

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Adopting healthy behaviours can prevent chronic disease

(2 days ago) Adopting healthy behaviours can prevent chronic disease. Chronic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, are a detriment to personal health and health costs. By adopting healthy behaviours and taking out a health insurance plan, the prevalence of chronic disease will be reduced, subsequently bringing these costs down – according to experts.

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Obesity and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

(9 days ago) Obesity is an abnormal accumulation of excess fat on the body, which poses serious health risks and can cause a variety of diseases and problems. Obesity is typically measured by body mass index (BMI). The BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in kgs by your height, in meters squared. Any number above 30 is officially obese.

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The importance of eating at the right time

(9 days ago) Measure your health and wellbeing with your personal Health Score and engage in healthy living with real-time virtual coaching and feedback. Engage in activities, share progress and successes with friends, win challenges! Get it on your iPhone or …

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What can your workplace do to help your mental health

(Just Now) Mental health is just as important as physical health, but employers are often reluctant to allow people to take sick days because they are having issues with stress or depression. However, these problems can easily be more serious than a cold or stomach bug, and sometimes you can really benefit from time out from work.

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Awards & Recognitions

(Just Now) dacadoo Recognitions. 2021. Winner of the InsurTech Innovation Award by The Digital Insurer. Finalist at the CogX 2021 Awards in the category Good Health & Well Being. Recognized as Cool Vendor in Insurance 2021 by Gartner. Recognized as DIA’s Top 100 Insurtechs to watch in 2021. Ranked no. 1 in TDI’s InsurTech Directory Top 10 Tech

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How competitiveness can improve your healthscore

(5 days ago) If you and your friends are all using the dacadoo health platform you can use each other’s competitiveness to achieve your fitness goals and reach your targets. Working out together is a lot more fun than exercising alone and will spur you on to run a little bit harder or faster so that you beat your friend’s healthscore.

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Yoga for mental health: How to calm down with a workout

(1 days ago) It might seem like yoga is an odd way to ease mental health symptoms, but the physical benefits it confers can work wonders on your mind. It helps that one of the key elements of yoga is breathing, which is also an important part of calming down when suffering from anxiety or depression.

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Dealing with workplace pressure

(8 days ago) Ask for training to spot and deal with mental health issues. One issue many people have with coming forward regarding a mental health issue is the fear that they will come across as selfish, or wanting to gain access to special or even preferential treatment.

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Why stress is important for your Health Score

(2 days ago) Live healthy and happy with dacadoo! Measure your health and wellbeing with your personal Health Score and engage in healthy living with real-time virtual coaching and feedback. Engage in activities, share progress and successes with friends, win challenges! Get it on your iPhone or Android.

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The Truth Told About Health Scoring

(2 days ago) The Metric Health Model quantifies the extent to which a series of measurable physiological parameters, e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose, total cholesterol etc. impact the state of health of an individual, by measuring how such measured parameters affect the risk that the individual will develop a serious medical condition in the future.

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How technology can improve health and wellbeing

(4 days ago) The rise of technology has helped a number of areas of modern day life, even encouraging certain sectors to blossom. For health and fitness enthusiasts, the growth of technology has made it much easier to monitor their performance, and enables them to …

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The Rise of Obesity

(3 days ago) The rate of “extreme obesity” in the USA (defined as people with a BMI above 40) has risen by +350 percent over the past few years. Source: Map from BodyNutrition.org. Obesity is not only a US problem, as by now it’s a global health threat! It’s easy to think of obesity as a problem affecting only the wealthiest of nations, but recent

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