How to bring health closer to the majority in Latin

Digital health. Jacob assures us that technology could give us that push and for this, terms such as “digital health”. He describes it as a pillar of modern healthcare, combining conventional approaches – such as going to the doctor’s office, conducting studies and measurements – with digital technologies that optimize health care and

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New Technologies to improve the health and well …

(8 days ago) The health crisis that we have experienced has forced us, as a society, to integrate advanced technology into any aspect of our day-to-day life at an unprecedented speed and in an almost obligatory way. And in the specific case of older people, this has contributed to reducing the …

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ADAC travel health insurance

(8 days ago) ADAC health insurance abroad. Performance period: for all trips within one year for maximum 2 months (63 days) from crossing the border. Travel type: Travel of all kinds such as business trips, vacation trips etc. Contract type: Individual or family contract including children up to their 23rd birthday. validity: worldwide.

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Health: States urged to reduce amount of …

(Just Now) Health: States urged to reduce amount of antimicrobials in food systems. The main objective of the exhortation is to encourage states to put in place a new strategy to counter rising levels of resistance to drugs, especially antibiotics. “This call should be seen as a top priority for antimicrobial drugs to be used more responsibly in food

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The Ministry of Health has Paid Central Healthcare

(1 days ago) The regional health worker incentives are budgeted and paid for by the regional government. dr. Kirana said that as of September 2, 2021, the realization of arrears in the payment of regional health workers incentives through the additional 2020 BOK had reached 83.9%, while the incentives from 2021 to August paid through DAU/DBH in provinces and districts/cities had already reached 41.3% or Rp

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Modern vaccine: second dose goes to 12 weeks

(Just Now) The Ministry of Health reported this Friday that, after the validation of Invima, it was determined extend the dose range from covid-19 vaccine from the pharmaceutical Modern from 4 to 12 weeks. (Also read: What will happen to the person who received 7 vaccines against covid-19?) According to the health authority, this decision took into […]

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Delta coronavirus variant: how to take care of yourself

(Just Now) In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) ensures that it is already present in more than 120 countries and threatens to be the predominant form of SARS-CoV-2 throughout the planet. (We recommend: Hair loss, another problem caused by covid-19) Reinforce measures

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Covid vaccination: reasons and risks of rejecting …

(7 days ago) For her part, Elizabeth Beltrán, an expert in public health, assures that in the young population, these percentages unfortunately tend to be higher, under the false premise that the risk of serious illness and death is the heritage of older adults, ignoring outright its ability …

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Towards a compulsory health pass in Morocco

(3 days ago) The health pass is not yet compulsory in Morocco, but it seems logical that it will become so. It is in any case a recommendation formulated by many experts, who believe that the current health crisis leaves no choice on this subject. For Dr. Tayi Hamdy who recommends using the health pass in Morocco to […]

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Study shows that 34% of smokers increased …

(9 days ago) Study shows that 34% of smokers increased consumption during the pandemic – Health. Although the number of smokers in Brazil has fallen in recent years, after numerous anti-smoking campaigns, a fact lights up a red light: among those who continue smoking, 34% say …

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Health: What is aromatherapy and how should it be …

(9 days ago) Aromatherapy is the use of plant essential oils as a complementary health approach. These are most often used through inhalation or applied diluted to the skin. In theory, the chemical components of essential oils can bind to receptors in the olfactory bulb and have an …

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Michael Schumacher, his state of health, Jean Todt …

(8 days ago) In early 2020, a neurosurgeon recognized, however, that his state of health had really deteriorated since his accident. Michael Schumacher is nothing more than the seven-time champion admired by the crowd. “We must now imagine a very different person than the one we remember, with a really deteriorated organism both in terms of muscles and

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Health. Sepsis and sepsis: what's the difference

(5 days ago) “Sepsis”, “sepsis”. The terms seem close, and for good reason: they designate pathologies that are also relatively close to each other. “The term” septicemia “designates the presence of bacteria, even fungi or viruses in the blood,” explains the Institut Pasteur on its website. It was created from the Greek words “sepsis” (putrefaction) and “aima” (blood). […]

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Covid-19 vaccination for pregnant women: what you …

(7 days ago) The Ministry of Health and Social Protection called on the actors of the health system to search for pregnant women and their demand aimed at vaccination against him covid-19, in order to reduce the risk of maternal mortality.. Gerson Bermont, Director of Promotion and Prevention, noted that “In the last year, covid-19 is the leading cause of death in pregnant women; 119 deaths related to

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