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MDHHS - Mental Health Code - Michigan

(5 days ago) The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) - The Michigan Mental Health Code is the body of state law that deals with all aspects of mental health care in Michigan. Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site.


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MDHHS - Legislation and Regulation - Michigan

(1 days ago) Mental Health Code, Excerpt: Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Services (MCL 330.1260-1287) Public Act 258 of 1974, Chapter 2A, as amended, provides for substance abuse services within the mental health service system. citation notes: Michigan Legislature. (year). Title. 1974 …


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Michigan Legislature - Act 258 of 1974

(4 days ago) MENTAL HEALTH CODE Act 258 of 1974 AN ACT to codify, revise, consolidate, and classify the laws relating to mental health; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain state and local agencies and officials and certain private agencies and individuals; to regulate certain agencies and facilities providing mental health or substance use disorder services; to provide for certain charges and


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Michigan Legislature - Section 330.1946

(3 days ago) MENTAL HEALTH CODE (EXCERPT) Act 258 of 1974 330.1946 Threat of physical violence against third person; duties. Sec. 946. (1) If a patient communicates to a mental health professional who is treating the patient a threat of physical violence against a reasonably identifiable third person and the recipient has the apparent intent and ability to


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Michigan Legislature - Section 330.1748

(7 days ago) Act 258 of 1974. 330.1748 Confidentiality. Sec. 748. (1) Information in the record of a recipient, and other information acquired in the course of providing mental health services to a recipient, shall be kept confidential and is not open to public inspection. The information may be disclosed outside the department, community mental health


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Latest effort to reform Michigan’s mental-health system

(2 days ago) July 16, 2021. SOUTHFIELD—Whatever their politics, whatever their role — parent or provider, lobbyist or lawmaker — on this they agree: Michigan’s complex mental health system needs fixing, fast. But two legislative proposals meant to transform the system are facing pushback from families and mental-health


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Michigan Senate leader's plan to overhaul mental health

(2 days ago) Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey has been crafting a proposal to reshape the state’s $3 billion mental health system, shifting the management of care for hundreds of thousands of residents from a publicly run program to private insurance plans.


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Mental Health Law - Miller Johnson

(3 days ago) If you are a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, counselor, marriage and family therapist, community mental health services program, or inpatient or outpatient behavioral health service provider, you have obligations under Michigan’s Mental Health Code that go beyond the laws and regulations that apply to other healthcare providers.


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Legislation Introduced To Reform Michigan's Mental Health

(6 days ago) Legislation Introduced To Reform Michigan's Mental Health Care System February 6, 2018 New legislation introduced by a mental health task force co-chaired by a local lawmaker.


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Michigan Legislature - Search Bills by Category

(Just Now) Main Content. Find bills based on the public act that would be affected if they pass and become law. Note: To search by narrower categories, try the Detailed Category Search. Select a Category 2021-2022 (102 bill categories found) <--Note: select a category below and click button.


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Public Policy NAMI Michigan - Michigan's Voice on Mental

(2 days ago) Please read NAMI’s report: State Mental Health Legislation 2015: Trends, Themes and Effective Practices for more information on what our state is doing to support mental illness. This report highlights the good and bad news in states’ approaches to mental health. National Public Policy Issues – Public policy makes a difference in the lives of both the people living with mental health


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Whiteford’s bill improving access to mental health care

(7 days ago) State Rep. Mary Whiteford’s plan to ensure every Michigan resident has access to the mental health care they need is now law. The plan ensures the Michigan Crisis and Access Line (MiCAL) is better equipped to connect an individual dealing with a mental health crisis with the necessary services by providing them with the most up-to-date information available.


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Current Mental Health Legislation Mental Health America

(8 days ago) Learn about some of the bills introduced in the 116th Congress and where they fall in line with Mental Health America's legislative priorities: Overall Health Care Reform Legislation Lower Health Care Costs Act


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Your Rights When Receiving Mental Health Services in Michigan

(9 days ago) When you receive mental health services your rights are protected by Michigan’s Mental Health . Code and many other Federal and State Laws. Staff are responsible to act in a manner that protects your rights when they provide services to you. If you do not understand your rights, or …


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Michigan Supreme Court

(3 days ago) Effective February 14, 2017, 320 Public Act 2016 amends the Mental Health Code to clarify procedure and expand criteria for ordering individuals to receive assisted outpatient treatment (Kevin’s Law) as one of several options of involuntary mental health treatment.


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MDHHS - Mental Health - Michigan

(Just Now) 2019 Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Evidence-Based Practice Individual Placement and Support Report - September 2019 ; Rewind: Being DeafBlind and Seeking Health Care . Discover some of the challenges for a DeafBlind individual when facing a mental health issue.


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Legislation & Policy • CMHAM - Community Mental Health

(8 days ago) Legislation & Policy In June of 2016, the Legislation Committee combined with the Policy Committee to form one single committee now known as the “Legislation & Policy Committee”.This committee reviews bills and other legislation introduced by the Michigan House and Senate regarding mental health and related issues.


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Michigan’s New Mental Health Bills – The Albion College

(1 days ago) On his last day in office, former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed 200 bills into law on behalf of the legislature. Five of those Dec. 28, 2018, bills were about the mental health treatment of minors in the state of Michigan. As of 2017, there are an estimated 300,000 people living with mental illness in the state of Michigan alone. Many Michigan representatives, including Representative


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Latest effort to reform Michigan’s mental-health system

(2 days ago) In 2018, the Lansing-based advocacy nonprofit Disability Rights Michigan filed a class-action suit, K.B. versus Lyon, accusing the state of Michigan of “staggering failures” in its mental health system for children, including allowing children to go with too little if any care until they spiraled violently out of …


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MENTAL HEALTH CODE (EXCERPT - Michigan Legislature

(7 days ago) community mental health services program and the department approve the transfer. The patient, a patient advocate designated to make mental health treatment decisions for the patient under the estates and protected individuals code, 1998 PA 386, MCL 700.1101 to 700.8102, if any, and the patient's guardian or nearest


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New Michigan Law Requires More Mental Health Services

(4 days ago) New Michigan Law Requires More Mental Health Services. LANSING (AP) – Legislation has been signed into law to offer more treatment options in Michigan for people with mental illness, including


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Michigan - Treatment Advocacy Center

(4 days ago) Like every state, Michigan has civil commitment laws that establish criteria for determining when involuntary treatment is appropriate for individuals with severe mental illness who cannot seek care voluntarily. Michigan's laws allow for the use of court-ordered treatment in the community, known as …


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Michigan Governor Signs New Telehealth Coverage Guidelines

(4 days ago) HB 5412 and HB 5413 would amend the state’s Insurance Code and Nonprofit Health Care Corporation Reform Act, respectively, to include “store and forward online messaging” as a telemedicine service, removing the requirement that such services be delivered in real time. HB 5414 adds that amendment to the state’s Mental Health Code.. HB 5415 and HB 5416 take aim at the state’s Social


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Developing and Implementing a Mental Health Court - Michigan

(3 days ago) Michigan law provides that participants in a mental health court must have been diagnosed by a mental health professional with a serious mental illness, serious emotional disturbance, developmental disability, or a co-occurring disorder; and each disorder (mental illness and


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Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association - MMHCA

(8 days ago) Click Here for All New EXCLUSIVE Membership Benefits: (The following benefits are available for MMHCA members only- to get immediate access to these benefits check your email for the contact information or send an email to [email protected]): Read Here.


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“Rights is Everybody’s Business”

(9 days ago) When Receiving Mental Health Services in Michigan Michigan Department Health and Human Services Office of Recipient Rights “Rights is Everybody’s Business” 06/2016 Page 1 SECTION 1: GENERAL INORMATION ABOUT RIGHTS When you receive mental health services, Michigan's Mental Health Code, as well as other laws, safeguard your rights.


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Michigan State Telehealth Laws - CCHP

(2 days ago) Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans/Community Mental Health (PIHP/CMH) can be either originating or distant sites. Practitioners must meet the provider qualifications for the covered service provided via telemedicine. SOURCE: MI Dept. of Health and Human Services, Medicaid Provider Manual, p. 340, Jul. 2021 (Accessed Sept. 2021).


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Access to Medical Records Under Michigan Law Lorman

(3 days ago) The Michigan Mental Health Code governs certain basic requirements pertaining to the creation, keeping, and disclosing of the records of mental health services and can be a little more complicated to apply than the Medical Records Access Act. The Mental Health Code requires that information in the record of a recipient of mental health services


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Problem-Solving Courts - Michigan

(9 days ago) Mental health courts in Michigan have been established since the late 2000s. The State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) funded eight pilot mental health court programs from fiscal year 2009 through fiscal year 2013. In fiscal year 2014, mental health courts expanded, totaling 20 active programs (17 adult and 3 juvenile), while several jurisdictions are in the planning stages.


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Michigan Compiled Laws, Chapter 330. Mental Health Code

(6 days ago) Michigan Compiled Laws, Chapter 330. Mental Health Code § 330.1723. Current as of January 01, 2018 Updated by FindLaw Staff. Search Michigan Compiled Laws. Search by Keyword or Citation; Search by Keyword or Citation. Cancel « Prev. Next » Sec. 723. (1) A mental health professional, a person employed by or under contract to the department,


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State Mental Health Legislation 2015 - NAMI

(6 days ago) State Mental Health Legislation 2015: Trends, Themes and E–ective Practices 4 Prolonged budget debates left Pennsylvania and Illinois at an impasse. As this report went to press, both states’ budgets were still pending.


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(6 days ago) h. If required by federal law, a MDHHS operated hospital or center shall grant a representative of the Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services (MPAS) access to the records of its recipients in accordance with federal law and Section 748 (8) of the Michigan Mental Health Code, being PA 258 of 1974 as amended by PA 290 of 1995. i.


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Michigan Compiled Laws, Chapter 330. Mental Health Code

(6 days ago) The order for treatment and any renewed order shall not exceed a total of 120 days. (b) Determine custody of the juvenile and dismiss the charges against the juvenile. 1 M.C.L.A. § 330.2066. 2 M.C.L.A. § 330.1498d. Read this complete Michigan Compiled Laws, Chapter 330. Mental Health Code § 330.2074 on Westlaw.


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[PDF] Michigan Department Of Mental Health Statutes

(1 days ago) Download or read book entitled Michigan Department of Mental Health statutes written by Michigan and published by Unknown online. This book was released on 16 September 2021 with total page 76 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Download or read Michigan Department of Mental Health statutes full HQ book in pdf, epub and kindle.


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MDHHS - Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) - Michigan

(4 days ago) The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) - Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is a community-based approach to comprehensive assertive team treatment and support for adults with serious mental illness. Services are targeted to a specific group of individuals with serious mental illness, ACT team members share responsibility for the individuals served by the team, the staff


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News Press U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan

(3 days ago) Her legislation, if passed, will have a tremendous impact on school-age children and youth across the country whose health care and mental health needs are underserved, especially coming out of a pandemic,” said Deb Brinson, Executive Director of the School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan. “By allowing these students increased access


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Possession of Firearms by People With Mental Illness

(5 days ago) Possession of a firearm by the mentally ill is regulated by both state and federal laws. Federal Law. Under 18 U.S.C. § 922(d), it is unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person “has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental institution.”


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Michigan House Passes Bill To Preserve Mental Health

(4 days ago) Without this legislation, 10,000 highly trained qualified mental health counselors with Master’s Degrees would be prevented from providing care,” State Rep. Isaac Robinson, D-Detroit said. ”We are etching in stone language to ensure our LPCs can continue the vital work they do for the state of Michigan.”


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About Us - Mental Health Association in Michigan

(2 days ago) Who We Are. The Mental Health Association in Michigan (MHAM) is a voluntary membership citizens’ organization representing a broad base of people working together as an advocate for individuals with mental illness. Affiliated with Mental Health America, MHAM incorporated as a non-profit entity under Michigan statutes in 1937 and holds 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit status with the Internal


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How a Liberal Michigan Town Is Putting Mental Illness at

(7 days ago) The Friday Cover. How a Liberal Michigan Town Is Putting Mental Illness at the Center of Police Reform. Improving the way law enforcement deals with mental illness is emerging as one of the most


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Michigan Compiled Laws, Chapter 330. Mental Health Code

(6 days ago) Responsible party includes the individual and, as applicable, the individual's spouse and parent or parents of a minor. 1 M.C.L.A. §§ 330.1818 and 330.1819. Read this complete Michigan Compiled Laws, Chapter 330. Mental Health Code § 330.1800 on Westlaw. FindLaw Codes are provided courtesy of Thomson Reuters Westlaw, the industry-leading


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MI Senate leader sets mental health overhaul as priority

(8 days ago) MI Senate leader sets mental health overhaul as priority. By Rick Pluta • Jul 20, 2021. The state Senate will begin hearings soon on a proposed overhaul of how Michigan offers publicly funded mental health services. There are lots of different ideas on how to fix the system, but there is one area of wide agreement: The current approach is not


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Supporting Resilience and Mental Health for Law Firm

(9 days ago) Molly Ranns and JoAnn Hathaway talk with Laura Mahr about her tips for increasing personal resilience and supporting mental health for law firm staff. Laura Mahr is a lawyer and the founder of Conscious Legal Minds LLC, which provides mindfulness-based wellness training, coaching, and consulting for lawyers and law offices nationwide.


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Michigan Record Keeping Laws - APA Divisions

(4 days ago) focused on mental health practice. The professional liability carriers also provide free legal and professional consultation. Michigan specific templates for the types and contents of the record are provided based upon a review of your jurisdiction’s law. The digest of your jurisdiction’s law should be read if …


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News Press U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan

(7 days ago) Stabenow and Blunt’s bipartisan legislation renews and expands funding for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics. These clinics were established in the 2014 Excellence in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Act, resulting in the most significant expansion of community mental health and addiction services in decades.


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Mental Health Law-Michigan, 1974-1977 ArchivesSpace

(8 days ago) Mental Health Law-Michigan, 1974-1977 File — Box: MSS 93-2, Box 34 Citation Staff Only Please request at box level Arthur J. Morris Law Library Special Collections The Papers of Saleem A. Shah, 1952-1992 (MSS) Mental Health Law-Michigan, 1974-1977 Scope and Contents. From the


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The Federal and State Role in Mental Health Mental

(1 days ago) The Federal Role in Mental Health The federal government works in partnership with the states to address mental health. The federal role in mental health includes regulating systems and providers, protecting the rights of consumers, providing funding for services, and supporting research and innovation. As a major funding source for mental health services, the federal government establishes


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